17 Best Arcades in Las Vegas (2023 Update)

As the self-styled “Entertainment Capital of the World”, it’s no surprise that Vegas has its fair share of gaming dens – so for anyone spending time in Sin City who needs their hit of button-bashing action, here’s our guide to all the best arcades in Las Vegas.

Top Arcades on The Strip to Look Out For

As you might imagine, many of the most exciting and spectacular arcades are found on The Strip, so here are our suggestions for the ones that are worth making a special trip to find.

The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade at New York New York

The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade

Generally regarded as one of the best – and at 32,000 square feet, it’s certainly one of the larges – New York New York’s Big Apple Coaster & Arcade is one you won’t want to miss.

Along with all the latest arcade games, you’ll also find all your favorite classics like skeeball and air hockey – and if you feel like getting your adrenaline fix, the rollercoaster is right there waiting to be ridden.

Pricing is based on a credits system, and the more you buy, the cheaper they are. Packages also exist, allowing you to enjoy the gaming machines, ride the roller coaster and even eat and drink all on the same deal.

This arcade is kid-friendly, but in the evenings, there’s also a cocktail bar, which makes it more adult-oriented later in the day.

Opening times:

  • Mon-Thu – 1pm-9pm
  • Fri-Sun – 1pm-12am

Note: The arcade will be closed from December 6 – 16, 2021.

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur

If you want to relieve your gaming childhood or show your kids how good you were back in the day, a trip to Fun Dungeon at Excalibur could be in order.

This arcade boasts a full range of games, classic and modern, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. In total, there are around 200 different games to try, and highlights include the World’s Biggest Pac-Man among many more.

There’s even a DQ & Orange Julius on-site, so when you need a break from the fun and games, you can grab an ice cream or a smoothie without needing to change venues.

Opening times:

  • Mon & Tue – 4pm-10pm
  • Wed & Thu – 4pm-11pm
  • Fri-Sun – 12pm-11pm

The Midway at Circus Circus

The Midway at Circus Circus

Circus Circus is known as one of the most kid-friendly resorts in Las Vegas, so it would seem logical that the hotel is also home to one of the most exciting arcades in town.

With around 200 games to play, including all the classic arcade games along with the most up-to-date video games, you can’t fail to find something to keep you occupied – and at the renowned Carnival Midway, you also stand a chance of winning big prizes

To make things even easier, you can now pick up a Midway Playcard, a new rechargeable payment method, allowing you to concentrate on the games without having to worry about carrying a pocketful of cash.

Opening times:

  • Sun-Thu – 11am-9pm
  • Fri-Sat – 11am-11pm

Level Up at MGM Grand

Level Up at MGM Grand 1
Source: @leveluplv
Level Up at MGM Grand 2
Source: @leveluplv

For adults looking for somewhere to enjoy themselves without being surrounded by kids, Level Up at MGM Grand is a place that’s worth checking out. It’s part sports bar, part arcade and is designed as an entertainment zone for over-21s only.

Along with a wide selection of arcade games, you’ll also be able to find a drink and a screen to watch any major sports events.

For those who want to try something different, there’s also a state-of-the-art VR arena where you and your friends can battle zombies or save the world from rogue robots in a fully immersive gaming experience that will blow your mind.

Opening times:

  • Mon, Thu – 5pm-10pm
  • Tue & Wed – Closed
  • Fri & Sat – 5pm-3am
  • Sun – 11am-11pm

Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball Hall of Fame
Source: @pinballvegas

Located in a new 25,000 ft locale at the far southern end of The Strip – or arguably, a little beyond what most people would consider the true Strip – the Pinball Hall of Fame is legendary among gaming fans in Vegas, and especially those with a love of pinball.

In fact, it’s not just an arcade, it’s a museum and temple to pinball too, and it represents the culmination of the work of a group of collectors who once dreamed of creating the world’s largest collection of pinball machines.

Some of them could fairly be described as antiques, and the prices are extremely reasonable too since this place is not-for-profit – a game costs 25-50 cents only, far better value than almost anything else in Vegas!

You’ll find hundreds of machines to choose from, allowing you to hone your skills or show off your abilities to your friends. They have a few other games in there too, but it’s really all about pinball – so if you’re a fan, this is a place that’s worth the trip to experience it for yourself.

Opening Times: Daily, 11am-11pm

HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor

HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor
Source: @hyperxealv

Not strictly an arcade, but a big draw for anyone interested in all things gaming – so it deserves a place on our list all the same.

As the name suggests, this is a dedicated esports arena, and it boasts some of the most cutting-edge gaming technology available, so if you love video games, the HyperX Esports Arena at Luxor is simply unmissable.

In the Lobby, you can try your hand at console and PC games past and present – game time is on a pay-by-the-hour basis.

The Arena, on the other hand, is where pro competitions take place. There are also private VIP rooms, and this is also where you’ll find food and refreshments in the bar.

This is a Vegas experience like no other. It might not be the best pick if you just want to play a few arcade games, but if you want to see what’s hot in gaming right now as well as watching some world-class players do their thing, this is the place to head.

Opening times:

  • Lobby: Sun-Fri – 12pm-9pm
  • *Friday closing hours subject to change due to tournament events
  • Sat – 12pm-10pm
  • Arena: Mon-Thu – 12pm-9pm
  • Friday-Sun – 12pm-Close

Other Hotels With Arcades on The Strip

Some other hotels along The Strip also have more modest arcades that might not be quite as impressive but that will still allow you to get your gaming fix in a pinch.

The STRAT Hotel – Amusement World: The Haunted Arcade

The STRAT hotel has an interesting arcade – since it has a haunted house theme. It’s not the biggest arcade in Vegas, but if you’re in the hotel and you feel like a session on the machines, it has plenty of options to satisfy your gaming urge.

Bellagio Hotel Arcade

Although Bellagio Hotel is a luxury resort that’s not aimed at families, it still has a small arcade for children – or adults – who feel like zapping a few baddies on a screen during their time in Vegas.

Aria Hotel Arcade

Aria Hotel has a tiny arcade with a couple of games including a dance machine, so it’s enough for a quick visit if you’re staying in the hotel and feel like bashing a few buttons – but it’s not one that’s worth making a special trip to see if you’re staying elsewhere.

Monster Mini Golf Arcades – Rio Hotel & Casino, Horseshoe Las Vegas

The makers of the themed mini golf courses, Monster Mini Golf, bring you two small arcades in Rio and Horseshoe. They are not as big as the big players like Fun Dungeon and Big apple, but they still pack a mean punch for you to have fun with your family.

Rio Hotel & Casino is where the 13,000 square foot Kiss-themed Monster Mini Golf is located. Head in to take a look at the KISS band memorabilia in a museum style-setting. Play with your teammates in the indoor glow-in-the dark miniature golf course while listening to buzzing mixes from the love DJ rocks.

The one at Horseshoe Vegas is smaller but still enormous at about 10,000 square feet. Named the Twilight Zone Mini Golf, the 18-hole course includes several arcade games that make for a lively evening with catchy tunes from the live DJ stand.

Arcades Away from The Strip

If you’re willing to travel a bit away from The Strip – although sometimes, not even that far – there are a couple of other destinations that are worth making the effort to reach. A few other hotels also include smaller arcades on their premises, so here are the listings.

Game Nest

Game Nest
Source: @game_nest

A little west of The Strip in Chinatown, you’ll find Game Nest, a dedicated gaming zone that specializes in arcade and console games from Japan.

They have a wide range of arcade machines to choose from, along with Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles to try out.

One good thing about this place is the fact that it’s pay-by-the-hour. This means you just pay a flat fee and you’re free to play any games you like without having to worry about carrying around a pocket full of coins.

The first hour is $10, but after that, it’s only $5 per hour. Alternatively, if you want an all-day pass, it will cost you $30 – so these are some very reasonable rates, and you’ll probably end up paying a lot less than you would for this much game time in other locations.

This arcade is kid-friendly too, and they can also offer rates for groups or parties, making it another place to check out for your gaming fix in Las Vegas.

Opening times:

  • Sun-Thu – 12pm-12am
  • Fri & Sat – 12pm-2am

Player 1 Video Game Bar

Player 1 Video Game Bar
Source: @player1vegas

If you have a love for video games and want to combine it with your love for craft beer, there are few better places for you in Las Vegas than Player 1 Video Game Bar, a self-proclaimed “geek-friendly” bar that has it all.

Along with the huge range of arcade machines and games consoles, they also serve 50 craft beers on tap as well as stocking a further 150 assorted bottles. They also have a range of 40 ciders and take particular pride in their martinis.

What’s great about this place is that you just pay a flat cover charge to get in – and after that, you have complete unlimited access to all the games on offer, which takes all the hassle out of playing.

Like most arcades that serve alcohol, this one is strictly over-21s only.

Opening times:

  • Sun-Thu – 1pm-2am
  • Fri & Sat – 1pm-3am

Emporium at Area15

Emporium at Area15 1
Source: @emporiumlv
Emporium at Area15 2
Source: @emporiumlv

Emporium at Area 15 sells itself as “part bar, part arcade and all good times”, and that sums up what you’ll find there pretty well – located just off-Strip close to Wynn and The Mirage, Emporium is a adults’ playground.

As well as all your favorite arcade games you played as a kid and a full selection of the most up to date classics, you’ll also be treated to a fully stocked bar serving tasty craft beer and cocktails.

Emporium, the arcade, is always free to enter. However, the venue, Area15, sometimes hosts events with DJs or live acts, which you can attend for an additional fee. If you don’t want to pay, just go in by the side entrance to the arcade when a paying event is being held.

But in any case, for games, drinks, music, partying and more, this is an arcade and venue that should be high on your list of places to visit while in Vegas.

Note that entry is strictly for over-21s only.

Opening times:

  • Sun-Thu – 12pm-2am
  • Sat & Sun – 12pm-3am

Time Out Arcade at The Orleans

Time Out Arcade at The Orleans

Not far to the west of The Strip, you’ll find a small but lively arcade located on the cinema level of The Orleans.

It’s not huge, and the selection of games might not be a match for some of the larger arcades in town, but if you’re staying at The Orleans or nearby, it could be worth making a trip to check it out.

It’s a family-friendly place, and you’ll find arcade and other games to suit everyone, making this another place to remember whenever you feel the urge to blast some aliens or shoot a few zombies.

Opening times:

  • Mon-Wed – 12pm-9pm
  • Thu – 12pm-10pm
  • Fri & Sat – 11am-11pm
  • Sun – 11am-10pm

Gold Coast Hotel

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino, just west of The Strip, is home to a huge 70-lane bowling center, and while you’re there, you can also check out the small games arcade.

Admittedly, you probably won’t travel to Gold Coast just for the arcade, but if you’re bowling, you may as well make the most of the opportunity to bash a few buttons or play a few games of air hockey.

Opening times:

  • Mon-Thu – 12pm-12am
  • Fri – 12pm-1am
  • Sat – 10am-1am
  • Sun – 10am-12am

Time Out Arcade at Suncoast

Open every day and offering a range of arcade games to suit all tastes, Time Out at Suncoast is a small but fun arcade to visit.

Suncoast is quite a way out of town, so you’re unlikely to make a special trip out there just for this, but if you’re staying in the hotel, you can spend a happy hour or two in there setting high scores on a couple of your favorites.

Opening times:

  • Mon-Fri – 2pm-7pm
  • Sat-Sun – 12pm-7pm

Cyber Quest at Red Rock

The arcade and bowling area at Red Rock is called Cyber Quest, and due to the self-serve Club Card payment system, playing there is as hassle-free as you could hope.

As with some other places, this is not the kind of large arcade that warrants a special trip, but if you’re staying in Red Rock, it’s a great place for some wholesome family entertainment.

Opening times:

  • Sun-Thu – 11am-12am
  • Fri & Sat – 11am-1am

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Final Words: No Lack of Choice

When people think of gaming in Vegas, if they’re not thinking about the tables, they’re imagining the slot machines – but when it comes to video gaming, you’ll be well served too. And for fans of arcades, consoles and pinball, some of what’s on offer simply can’t be missed.

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