4 Best Rage Rooms in Las Vegas (2023 Update)

rage room las vegas

Did you know that rage is linked to an increased risk of getting serious health conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression? In fact, the Mental Health Foundation noted in a survey that about 30% of people worry about how angry and rageful they can get. Rage is too much anger that can … Read more

15 Best 24-Hour Restaurants in Las Vegas 2023

24 hour restaurants las vegas

24-hour restaurants on and off the Las Vegas Strip are among the significant contributors to the upbeat nightlife in Nevada. You never know when you might get caught out late and need a quick bite or a late-night cap. There are very few fine-dining 24-hour restaurants in Vegas. Most fine-dining restaurants that also serve as … Read more

16 Best Late Night Food Places in Las Vegas 2023

late night food las vegas

You would think that for a city that never sleeps, you will never run out of food options, even at night, but you would be wrong. Las Vegas is a culinary giant but the number of great restaurants at night, especially past midnight, is limited. Majority of the eateries on the Strip close at around … Read more

8 Best Las Vegas Hotels with Indoor Pools

vegas hotels with indoor pool

Most people associate Vegas with desert scenery and blisteringly hot temperatures – and if you visit during summer, that’s exactly what you’ll get. However, during winter, the mercury drops, and at that time of year, you’re likely to encounter some surprisingly chilly weather. Since Vegas is more of a summer destination, most hotels don’t bother … Read more

13 Places To Get The Best Wings In Las Vegas 2023

best chicken wings las vegas

Las Vegas is the home of extravagant living and flavorful eats, meaning you won’t miss the best wings the world has to offer in the city’s elite culinary scene. There are plenty of options, from restaurants offering over 80 different flavors of wings to others that feature an all-you-can-eat wings menu. Head into Voodoo Wings … Read more

Paris Las Vegas Le Village Buffet (2023 Closed)

le village buffet

Author’s Note: Due to the pandemic restrictions in 2020, the Le Village Buffet at Paris Las Vegas remains closed till further notice. Le Village Buffet, as you may have guessed from the name, is a French-inspired buffet that presents you with international French flavors, from pastries to greens and upscale cuts of meat. The strawberry … Read more

Top 15 Fun & Coolest Restaurants in Las Vegas 2023

fun restaurants in las vegas

Have you ever wondered where all the celebrities go to eat in Las Vegas? How about unique diners with the highest qualities and ratings? What of the most fun restaurants to hang out with friends and family? Do you want to know the coolest restaurants in Las Vegas? Because they are plenty, from romantic world-class … Read more

12 Best Afternoon Shows in Las Vegas (Daytime Shows)

afternoon shows in las vegas

Las Vegas is the home of the freakiest, mind-blowing shows, including the incredible acts from the infamous Cirque du Soleil. Whether you are flying in for an adult-only day of fun or hanging out with the family to catch up on some daytime show, Las Vegas has got you covered. How about Sahara Las Vegas, … Read more

9 Best Tiki Bars in Las Vegas (2023 Update)

tiki bar las vegas

Tiki bars are staples in the Las Vegas bar scene, offering tropical island-themed services with an impressive selection of crafty rum-based cocktails. You won’t miss the sight of one such bar with its romanticized take on tropical cultures as well as retro décor. The backstory of the tiki bar dates back to 1933 when Ernest … Read more

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