Best Friend Las Vegas: What to Expect

If you love food trucks, you probably know who Roy Choi is. This Korean-American chef is known as the founder of Kogi, the modern taco truck that serves Korean-Mexican fare.

But did you know that Roy doesn’t only run a food truck but has his own bar and restaurant in Las Vegas, too?

Roy is popular for putting non-fancy but delicious, flavor-packed food at the forefront of his establishments. In Best Friend—his bar and resto in Vegas—this is exactly what he does too.

By combining the flavors of his native South Korea and Los Angeles, he creates fusion, cross-culture dishes and cocktails that groups of friends will enjoy.

So, what can you expect when you go to Best Friend Las Vegas for a meal? Keep scrolling to find out more, from the best menu items to how to dress when you pay the bar and restaurant a visit.

What is Roy Choi’s Best Friend Las Vegas?

Roy Choi’s Best Friend Restaurant
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Best Friend is a bar and restaurant created by Roy Choi, king of modern Korean-American grub. In this bodega-themed resto, you can try all sorts of Asian fare, including some of Roy’s popular dishes from his other trucks and establishments.

The restaurant is inside the Park MGM Hotel and Casino, right in the heart of Las Vegas. If you need a break from the glitz and glam of the casinos and fine dining restaurants along the Strip, come to Best Friend for a chill night with delicious Asian fusion food and drinks.

Best Friend was born out of Roy’s firsthand experience as a Korean growing up in America. He took inspiration from the streets of Koreatown and Los Angeles to combine the flavors and modern culture of these places, which is evident in the restaurant’s menu and ambiance.

And don’t get intimidated. Although Best Friend is in a four-star hotel, the food is quite affordable. This goes with Roy’s philosophy of sharing casual, culturally rich cuisine with everyone.

How the Restaurant Looks

Roy Choi’s Best Friend
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One of the coolest things about Best Friend is how the restaurant looks. The goal was to make the place as approachable and nostalgic as possible but with a cool, hip vibe to it.

Best Friend feels both playful and homey. When you enter, you’ll see neon lights, colorful walls, and a bar that looks like a bodega. It’s reminiscent of a lively restaurant in Koreatown with a touch of glamour and prestige only a top restaurant in Vegas can pull off.

One of the biggest themes in the restaurant is nostalgia. The atmosphere of the whole place takes you back to the 90s in L.A., from the menus with old photos on them to the pop culture-inspired décor.

As soon as you come into the bar and restaurant, you’ll know it’s a place for friends and groups to hang out. There’s a strong communal spirit here, with people sharing their banchan (Korean side dishes) and toasting drinks over the DJ’s vibrant house music.

That said, note that late at night, the place may not be so family-friendly. The place can get quite loud when the music turns up. If you’re coming with children, make sure you leave before the bar gets too rowdy.

What’s on the Menu at Best Friend Las Vegas?

Now for the most important part—the food. Roy Choi isn’t a food truck icon for nothing.

He’s known for his bold flavor combos that don’t lose sight of authentic, delicious Korean-American cooking. Here are some of the vibrant dishes and drinks you can get from Best Friend.

Korean-American Dishes and Sides

Best Friend is known for their savory banchan and sides, ranging from pickled daikon, American fries, and what some call the best kimchi in Vegas.

The star of their menu is the Korean BBQ. Choose all the meats you want on the grill, from kalbi (short rib), spicy pork, soy-marinated garlic chicken, and even ribeye.

If you want a more unique and outrageous meal, go for the ones that are heavy on American-Asian fusion. Some stand-outs include their kimchi carbonara, birria ramen, kimchi chicken parm, and short rib tacos—a favorite in Roy Choi’s iconic Kogi food truck.

Aside from all these, the restaurant also has sections in the menu for good old Los Angeles and Vegas-inspired American grub. The food here include buttermilk fried chicken, street corn, and shrimp cocktail, among many others.

Classic and Modern Drinks

Best Friend Drinks
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Pair your Asian-American food with exquisite drinks that range from simple and nostalgic to fine and sophisticated.

For those who want a casual drink or two, you can choose from the menu’s slushies, like their margaritas, pina coladas, and orange creamsicles.

For fun cocktails, check out the list of “dranks,” which has everything from a gimlet and highball to fun, fruity drinks like a “salty dog” (rose, grapefruit, and pink peppercorn).

Best Friend also offers beer drafts. Add $3 to make any beer a “mi-choi-lada” with some Clamato, kimchi juice, and lime.

The bar also has tons of spirits from all around the world. You can drink some soju with your Korean meal, just like they do in the East. You could also opt for sparkling wine, white wine, or red wine by the glass or bottle.

Merchandise for Big Fans

Best Friend Merchandise
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It’s not just food that you can buy from Best Friend. Since the bar and restaurant is slowly becoming a cult-favorite in Vegas, people can buy merchandise here too.

From shirts to beanies and even to beer glasses, you can buy Best Friend merch as a souvenir from your night there.

Best Friend Las Vegas Hours

From Sunday to Thursday, Best Friend is open from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. On Fridays and Saturdays—when the crowds tend to stay out for longer—the place is open for an hour more, closing at midnight.

Note that because the nostalgic, trendy bar and restaurant has gotten quite popular, a line starts to form right before they open. So, it would be smart to get a reservation if you want to be seated in the dining area.

If you don’t have a reservation, try to get in line as early as you can. That way, you can grab a table by the bar as soon as they open.

Is There a Dress Code at Best Friend Las Vegas?

Roy Choi’s Best Friend Restaurant
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Since Best Friend is a cool and casual bar and resto, it comes as no surprise that they don’t have a strict dress code. You can come to the place wearing casual clothes, but make sure that you still look comfortable and presentable. Remember, Best Friend is in a four-star hotel.

Men can come in wearing chinos or jeans—yes, even ripped ones are allowed. You can wear a T-shirt, button-down, or any kind of top, as long as it isn’t offensive or reveals too much skin. Wear sneakers or casual shoes to top off the look.

Women can wear casual dresses or a top and bottom they feel comfy with, whether it’s a skirt or a pair of pants. Just make sure not to wear anything too tacky and unkempt, such as flip-flops or ill-fitting clothes. Do your best not to come overdress in heels and formalwear either.


Roy Choi’s Best Friend in Park MGM Hotel in Vegas reflects the spirit of Sin City to a T—it is vibrant, diverse, and inspires people to come together and have the time of their lives over mouthwatering food and drinks.

The Asian-American fusion dishes in Best Friend are perfect if you’re craving Korean food with a dash of L.A. and Vegas sprinkled on top. It’s the perfect place to bring your friends for a casual, chill meal if you’re tired of the same swanky restaurants in the city.

Get a taste of multiple cultures at the same time when you head on to Best Friend Las Vegas. Whether you’re craving the best kimchi in town or juicy, tender barbecue right off the grill, you will have the time of your life discovering fusion fare here. Book a table at the restaurant today!

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