10 Michelin Star Restaurants In Las Vegas 2021

Michelin Star Restaurants In Las Vegas

A Michelin Star is awarded to unique restaurants to symbolize a hallmark for exceptional and high-standard services. It also means the food at any Michelin Star restaurant, especially in Las Vegas, is expensive and out of reach for those who prefer a budget dining experience. Las Vegas is booming with many five-star restaurants from Guy … Read more

Heart Attack Grill Vegas: Menu, Prices, Calories

Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas

A restaurant that brazenly promotes unhealthy food and encourages you to gorge yourself until you can fit in no more, the Heart Attack Grill in Downtown Las Vegas serves up some of the most intimidatingly huge burgers on the planet. It’s a place where excessive eating is not looked down upon but rather is positively … Read more

11 Vegas Buffets Open in 2021-2022: Hours, Prices

Las Vegas Buffets

Although best known for its casinos, a major part of the Vegas experience is dining out, and for many, the town’s famous buffets are an unmissable element of any trip to Sin City. However, almost all of Vegas’ buffets were forced to shut down during the covid-19 pandemic, and unfortunately, it looks like many will … Read more

Top 8 Vegan Breakfast in Las Vegas 2021

Vegan Breakfast in Las Vegas

Vegas dining is a large scene with plenty of options to explore. But one may wonder if there are vegan-friendly restaurants in this massive city of fun. The good news is, there is. You can find restaurants right on the strip preparing full menus of vegan dishes. The same goes for off-strip eateries. What about … Read more

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas 2021

Best Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas

Food is a headlining topic in both the Strip and the surrounding area of the city. Massive buildings stocking hotels and restaurants in Vegas prepare the best foods you can taste from celebrity chefs and established food chains. Any visitor in Vegas enjoys the food and the many amenities like shows, gambling, and hotel experiences … Read more

9 Best Korean Restaurants in Vegas (2021 Updated)

Best Korean Food Restaurants

Korean restaurants have found a special place in our stomachs with their Bibimbap, Kimchi, and other mouthwatering dishes like Bulgogi and Galbi. Las Vegas swims with lots of Korean restaurants such as the Island Style, Tang Tang Tang, and the infamous Hobak Korean BBQ place. Las Vegas is filled with so many different foods that … Read more

7 Best Rooftop Restaurants in Las Vegas 2021

Rooftop Restaurants in Las Vegas

Dining has always been a central part of the city of Vegas. You will find all sorts of hotels and restaurants here. They prepare all kinds of cuisines that you may fancy: French, Mexican, Italian, Asian, etc. Oh, and they have American dishes too! The sin city is a haven for food and taste with … Read more

The Mirage Las Vegas Restaurants (2021 Updated)

Restaurants in the Mirage

Mirage is one of the largest casino hotels on the Strip. Opened for business in the 90s, Mirage became the source of attraction for many on the Strip. Under the oversight of the renowned designer Steve Wynn, Mirage Las Vegas became the pinnacle of leisure. It set the current trajectory of massive and expensive builds … Read more

Cravings Buffet At The Mirage(2021 Updated)

Cravings Buffet

If you are looking for an affordable buffet offering in Las Vegas that does not have many stand-out features, then the Cravings Buffet at The Mirage is your go-to option. The Buffet has most of the offerings that you can expect from a high-end hotel buffet but lacks a few stand-out features. You can visit … Read more

Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet 2021 Guide

Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, nightlife and luxury hotels, but a big part of the experience is eating, and when it comes to restaurants, you’ll be able to find places catering to just about any taste imaginable. For those who enjoy stacking their plate high at an all-you-can-eat buffet, there’s no shortage of … Read more