Las Vegas Hotels

Venetian vs. Palazzo Las Vegas: Which Should You Choose?

Venetian vs. Palazzo

One of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas and a favorite among many travelers is the Venetian. It boasts of the rich Italian culture, from decor to food service. If you’ve ever been to Italy, then you know it’s the cradle of romance. It’s practically in every couple’s honeymoon dream, right there with Paris. … Read more

The 6 Towers at Caesars Palace: Which is the Best?

Caesars Palace Towers

Caesars Palace is a huge hotel and casino located in Las Vegas. It has 3,960 luxurious rooms housed in six different towers. All the Caesar Place towers have their own personality and benefits. Unlike other hotels that were purpose-built by architects to be the perfect hotel, Caesars Palace has been adapted since it was first … Read more

The Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Las Vegas

Expensive Hotels in Las Vegas

If you want to stay in Vegas, you may be pleasantly surprised to find how reasonably priced many of the rooms are – it’s possible to find even luxury accommodation at extremely affordable rates. However, for the big-spenders and high rollers, suites are also available for the kind of money most of us can only … Read more

20 Dollar Trick Vegas: Which Hotels Does It Work

20 Dollar Trick Vegas

Vegas is filled with dozens of hotels and resorts with impressive rooms and amenities for their guests. But these services, in their gorgeousness, can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. They can rob you of hundreds of dollars, especially if you want that high-end treatment and the enjoyment that comes with VIP experiences. So, … Read more

Top 10 Themed Hotels and Resorts in Las Vegas

Themed Hotels and Resorts in Las Vegas

Themed Hotels in Las Vegas are a popular indication of class and mystery. They are taken for face value, and the more a hotel shows its grade from the facade to the decor, the more the target audiences or patrons, in this case, will book them. The Vegas themes range from Disney World to entire … Read more

Top 12 Las Vegas Hotels That Allow Smoking

Las Vegas Hotels With Smoking Rooms

Smoking in Las Vegas had been free for all up to 2006 when a legislative law came to police public smoking. The Clean Indoor Air Act instilled in Nevada in 2006 sought to make hotels and any public areas free from smoking, which pollutes the air for non-smokers and children. Hotels and casinos were to … Read more

13 Best Las Vegas Hotels With a Balcony (Strip & Downtown)

Best Las Vegas Hotels With a Balcony

Las Vegas is full of wowing views either in the day or at night. Having a balcony in your room will allow you to enjoy this view of the city from an elevated point. These hotels with balconies in Vegas are on the strip, downtown, and away from the strip featuring features like huge terraces, … Read more

22 Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees in 2023

Las Vegas Hotels Without Resort Fees

Sin City and expenses are identical twins, and you cannot do without each. The high life that the city offers needs a lot of financial muscle to go by. For any traveler traversing this desert haven, you will need to prepare your card for “transactional damnation”. At least, that is what many will tell you. … Read more

6 Best Aquariums in Las Vegas (2023 Update)

Hotels in Vegas with an Aquarium

Las Vegas is home to a lot of things. Entertainment is the capital shareholder of the city and a big attraction to the multitude of visitors coming into the city every day. The hotel industry is one of the biggest on and off the strip, with big resorts like the Wynn and MGM incorporating more … Read more

12 Best Cheap Suites in Las Vegas in 2023

Best Cheap Suites in Las Vegas

It’s easy to spend a fortune when holidaying in Las Vegas. Everything about the city is wildly luxurious – the hotel suites included! If you’re traveling to Vegas for a wedding, honeymoon, anniversary, or just a wild holiday, then there’s no shortage of luxury suites to stay in. But the cost of a room can … Read more

11 Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas 2023

Kid-Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is bursting with fun-filled entertainment. Even though you may think it’s adult-orientated, with the clubs and casinos, it isn’t! In fact, the city has some of the best activities for young people. From mini waterparks to 67mph roller coasters, Vegas is a great destination for a family holiday. If you’re wondering where to … Read more