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Luxor Hotel Parking Fees: A Complete 2021 Guide

Luxor Hotel Parking Fees

Luxor Hotel and Casino is a project by MGM Resorts, a global entertainment company. Other projects by MGM are Mandalay Bay, Aria, Mirage, Excalibur, and Signature, among others. The hotel is a recreation of the Luxor city of ancient Thebes, Egypt. It features the outlook of the pharaoh’s times, complete with a pyramid structure and … Read more

The Deuce Las Vegas: Routes Map, Price, Tickets

Deuce Bus Las Vegas

Getting around Las Vegas is always a consideration when you are planning your trip. Your selections are influenced by your budget and destination. If you are moving over long distances, a taxi or Uber, or even Lyft can be a better fix than the train. The same goes if you are moving within the Strip. … Read more

19 Celebrities Who Live in Las Vegas in 2021

Celebrities Who Live in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its entertainment and good food, and tourism. But it’s entertainment that has continuously topped the list as the attraction ringing in droves of people to town. Thousands come to witness the marvel that the city boasts, from gambling in the most luxurious hotels with the most unthinkable design architecture to … Read more

Taxi Fares in Las Vegas (2021 Updated)

Taxi Fares In Las Vegas

Getting around Las Vegas can be confusing and overwhelming for a novice traveler. Vegas is a touristy city, and even if it is a glorious and happy city, this comes with its fair share of challenges. One of these challenges is transportation, as moving from one place to the other and doing it on time … Read more

Where To Stay While Visiting Death Valley 2021?

Where to Stay in Death Valley

Death Valley is a place of extremes, being one of the hottest places on earth in the summer yet changing so drastically when the summer rains come. This land of wonders rests in a below-sea-level basin and is subject to steady drought and scorching summer heat, but that’s not all. The surprising contrast between the … Read more

How to Play Blackjack in Vegas in 2021

How to Play Blackjack in Vegas

Casino games are a common thing to participate in while in Vegas. Statistically, more than 50% of travelers in Vegas participate in gaming in the city’s exquisite gambling destinations. Most play for fun, as they are in Vegas to have a good time. But no one turns away a win. Everyone who plays craves it. … Read more

10 Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas 2021

Craft Beers in Las Vegas

Are you a craft beer connoisseur? Or do you just love the idea of visiting one of Vegas’ famous breweries? Sin City is full of drinks, parties, and some of the best live music gigs in the world. Bottle service with $500 champagnes and $1,000 vodka on ice are a norm when living it up … Read more

Affordable and Convenient Vegas Airport Shuttle(2021 Updated)

Vegas Airport Shuttle

Famed for its gambling, entertainment, fine dining, shopping, and lively nightlife, Las Vegas is a must-visit for any fun-loving individual. Las Vegas Harry Reid International airport (also known as McCarran Airport)is packed with about 1,000 slot machines to keep you occupied while waiting for your ride or flight. Still, they are nothing compared to the … Read more

10 Free Parking Places on Las Vegas Strip 2021

Free Parking Places on Las Vegas Strip

One wrong move about having a vacation is spending so much to reach your destination. After then, you’ll take accommodation, only to realize you’ll still have to pay a large fee for parking. This could be very frustrating when you go out for dinner or you visit an attraction where they don’t offer free parking. … Read more