8 Best Cheap Steakhouses in Vegas (2023 Update)

Eating and fun go hand in hand, and Vegas is no exception. Restaurants and resort hotels are available in plenty to make those hunger pangs subside. They have delicious food that will make even the fullest of stomachs rumble with anticipation of the food’s goodness.

The battle for the best steaks in Vegas, as in every city, goes on to date. The crown continuously goes to big luxurious hotels and restaurants on the Strip and Downtown, like Wynn and Gordon Ramsey Hells Kitchen. But affording these big buck dishes is not in everyone’s money comfort zone.

This is especially so if your trip to Vegas is on a budget. Any funny credit card move gets you a call from the bank for funds misuse. That is not true, but it could be helpful to maintain healthy spending.

Do you have to butcher your accounts with unreasonable bills on Vegas steaks? The list here compiles a host of delicious meat points in Vegas where you can enjoy a roasted animal protein piece at a reasonable price.

Note: To qualify as a cheap steakhouse, a restaurant has to have at least one meat offer of less than $30.

Cheap Steakhouses on the Strip

The strip houses some of the best luxury resorts in Vegas and arguably in the world. This makes the restaurants here serving chef specials expensive. But thankfully, you can still feast on tasty meat in the less known spaces.

Caution: don’t ignore them just because you don’t know the chef, and you may be shocked by how good the meat is, friend. And then you will have to explain to your drained ego why you are crying from the inside.

Here are some restaurants on the strip with delicious and steamy hot grilled cuts at cheap prices. Canine yourself through!

1. Pampas at Planet Hollywood

Pampas at Planet Hollywood 1
Source: @pampaslasvegas
Pampas at Planet Hollywood 2
Source: @pampaslasvegas
  • Address: 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #610, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11.00 am-9.00 pm, Friday to Saturday: 11.00 am-11.00 pm
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.0 Stars

Pampers has an all-you-can-eat Brazilian meats event where patrons feast in a buffet-like setup. You are served with carved meats roasted in open flames for that extra crispy taste. You can smell the aroma of the beef and lamb as the server carves the meat at your table. Incredible feeling it is.

The South American barbecue brings the south taste of spices to Vegas and on your plate. Enjoy the magnificent hand-carved seasoned meats at the Miracle Miles Shops at Planet Hollywood Resort.

Get the famed home-sized dishes on this award-winning steakhouse. The restaurant has recognition by Southwest of the Top Steakhouse and a Diner’s Choice award by OpenTable.

Steak Deal: Ultimate steak and shrimp rodizio at $29.99 served for lunch only.

2. America in New York New York

America in New York New York

  • Address: 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: 24 Hours
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.2 stars

If you want to score in your hunt for cheap meat, America at New York New York Casino has got an exciting palate for you. The restaurant interior decor displays the beautiful American landscape.

You get to eat in front of the whole nation-if that is not presidential, what is? The epitome of this patriotism is the meat served here. You get fully roasted steak for a price fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. That’s right, discounted meats like this 12 oz New York strip for only $22.75.

Steak Deal: $22.7 New York strip-seasoned 12 oz mesquite strip loin, with seasonal-saute veggies and baked potatoes. Also, try the $19.99 Rib eye special served daily at 4.00 pm-7.00 pm, and 2.00 am-4.00 am.

Parking Note: On premise parking available.

3. La Salsa Cantina

La Salsa Cantina
Source: @lasalsafreshmexicangrill
  • Address: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd S Suite 380, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 8.00 am-11.00 pm, Friday to Saturday: 8.00 am-12.00 am
  • Price: $
  • Rating: 4.3 stars

Although known for the tacos, this Mexican joint at the Miracle Miles Shops will serve meat entrees for dinner and lunch. La Salsa Cantina is a mix of Mexican heritage and American culture, cooking tacos alongside roasted ribs.

Find the delicious South of the border sauces filled with aroma and taste and freshly cut steaks to dip.

Get the most extravagant servings in all Fremont at this friendly restaurant, and you will never again doubt the southern hospitality. The staff is polite, fast and very helpful in explaining the menu options available.

The three pepper fajita is solid with sirloin steak. It’s served with fire-perched fajita vegetables and guacamole, cheese, and sour cream toppings. The whole lot folds into a hot corn/flour tortilla. Epic.

Steak Deal: Potato steak with eggs at $16-and maybe a taco to go with it.

4. Prime Burger

Prime Burger

  • Address: 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 11.00 am-9.00 pm, Friday to Saturday: 11.00 am-10.00 pm
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.2 stars

Prime Burger is known for its gourmet burgers, but you can get exclusively delicious steaks here too. Conveniently located at the Venetian Hotel, you can easily access the restaurant. This makes it a good spot to chill with friends during the evening catchup or for dinner with your fiancé.

If you wish to have a complete experience in this restaurant, ask for the chef special. It has some ribs on it-plus for you. They also welcome group dining, so you are welcome to try their coupons on group eating.

Steak Deal: New York Strip Steak Dinner served with a salad, onion straws, some French fries, and sauteed mushrooms for only $26

5. Ocean One Bar & Grille

Ocean One Bar & Grille
Source: @oceanonelasvegas
Ocean One Bar & Grille New York strip
Source: @oceanonelasvegas
  • Address: 3667 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Opening Hours: Daily: 7.30 a-11.30 pm
  • Price: $
  • Rating: 4.4 stars

Anytime you are looking for cheap meat in vegas, drive to the Ocean One Bar & Grille for incredible offers on all their menu options, including steaks. Enjoy the best steaks at this joint for cheap, and maintain a good balance of food and money.

This casual American restaurant is famous for the $4.99 lunch menu, where everything on the menu goes for $4.99! What a perfect chance to be eating in Vegas in this restaurant-just five bucks and you are done!

Steak Deal: Grab the $4.99 marinated skirt steak with cabernet sauce served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Cheap Steakhouses Off-Strip

Many of the eateries away from the strip have offers on all menus to attract more visitors. You may have never heard the pomp of downtown, but don’t be fooled to think they serve lousy foods. Downtown, for example, stocks some of the best steakhouses in the whole of Vegas.

Enjoy gourmet meat hand-cut and grilled in an open flame for that extra flavor. Here is a list of steakhouses that you will enjoy dining in the downtown and outskirts of the Vegas Strip.

1. FireRock Steakhouse Las Vegas

FireRock Steakhouse 1

FireRock Steakhouse 2

  • Address: 5990 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89149
  • Opening Hours: Daily: 6.00 am-12.00 am
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.4 stars

The restaurant started in 2006 with a dream to mold a place where everyone could meet and enjoy affordable steak. This tradition has continued with the restaurant serving gourmet meals to taste.

FireRock Steakhouse, as the name suggests, cooks meat as the main dish. But you can also find appetizers, beverages, drinks, and desserts to complete your dining experience.

They use an open fire to grill the meat using oak wood which has light smoking and burns hot and bright. Your meat, with this wood fuel, will be perched to proper degrees of sweetness.

It also gives the meat time to sweat all flavors into it to make even tastier palates. FireRock serves USDA Angus steaks aged a minimum of 28 days. The result is proper meat that is easy to hand carve and delicious on the fire.

Arrange private dining for you and your friends at this restaurant. You can catch up while discussing why your team is not winning the season. Reservations can be arranged for large parties and events. Gifts cards are also available to order.

Steak Deal: The restaurant has offers on their daily specials for ribs, appetizers, and happy hour drinks. Check the offers here for more information on what’s hot now.

2. Triple George Grill

Triple George Grill 1

Triple George Grill 2

  • Address: 201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11.00 am-10.00 pm, Friday: 11.00 am-11.00 pm, Saturday: 4.00 pm-11.00 pm, Sunday: 4.00 pm-10.00 pm
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.5 stars

The mark of Triple George Grill is to make quality steaks that every guest enjoys. The restaurant was among the early entrants in the steak scene, providing high-end dining in downtown restaurants.

You get the replica of a 7-star service and delicious meats at an affordable price. It is for the same reason that it was able to bank the 2021 Travelers’ Choice Award from Trip Advisor.

Butcher cut steaks are prepared professionally to make sure that they are to scale and cook according to your preference. Special occasion prix fixe is available with complimentary valet parking at the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino.

Access to this incredible restaurant is easy in that it is just a few paces off the Downtown Grand Hotel between Stewart and Ogden.

Steak Deal: New Zealand Roast Lamb Chops with maple bean, smokey cider jus, and apple chutney for $32.

3. Tony Roma’s at Fremont Hotel & Casino

Tony Roma’s at Fremont Hotel & Casino 1

Tony Roma’s at Fremont Hotel & Casino 2
Source: @tonyromas
  • Address: 200 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
  • Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 4.30 pm-11.00 pm, Friday and Saturday: 4.30 pm-12.00 am
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4 stars

Tony Roma’s place is known for the best ribs the town has seen yet. You are welcomed by a beautiful and polite concierge who guides you on the servings of the day.

They will also answer questions on the menu. All meats here are naturally grown, gran-fed, and grilled in the traditional 45-year fashion that the restaurant chain has stood for.

Every steak is tipped with the in-house steak butter and served with two regular sides of your choosing. Get gifts cards for your loved ones, and customizable group dining offers at the restaurant. It’s time you brought your family for that thanksgiving dinner you have been planning all year!

Steak Deal: All steaks are super tasty here. Order one with a wonderful pairing of wine or beer, and you will be good to go.

Final Words

If you are in town searching for cheap places to eat some steak, Vegas will flood you with choices. Compiled above are some of the great and cheap steak restaurants in town.

They are cooked to perfection, some over open flames to bring out the natural meat flavor. Enjoy the list, and again, canine your way through!

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