12 Free Parking Places on Las Vegas Strip 2023

One wrong move about having a vacation is spending so much to reach your destination. After then, you’ll take accommodation, only to realize you’ll still have to pay a large fee for parking. This could be very frustrating when you go out for dinner or you visit an attraction where they don’t offer free parking.

When can I get free parking on the Las Vegas Strip? You can get free parking in these twelve places:

  • Wynn Las Vegas 
  • Treasure Island
  • The STRAT Hotel
  • Sahara Las Vegas 
  • The Palazzo and the Venetian
  • Circus Circus
  • Stratosphere Hotel and Casino
  • Tropicana Hotel and Casino 
  • Resorts World 
  • Shops at Crystals
  • The Shoppes at Mandalay Palace 
  • Fashion Show Mall

For sure, in a well-known vacation area like Las Vegas, you can escape some paid parking. However, we have taken our time to find updated places offering free parking on the Las Vegas strip.

Various Places Offering Free Parking on Las Vegas Strip

Almost everyone that decides to visit Las Vegas always wants to get to the Las Vegas Strip. This is somewhere with places where you’ll need to pay to park. However, there’s a way to avoid this. Below are some of the places offering free parking on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Strip Free Parking Map:

Hotels Offering Free Parking

Wynn Las Vegas

This is a popular hotel known for its copper façade, which rises above the Strip’s north end. The inner part is just as striking as the exterior. It has marble and luxe cream. It also features gilt-edged staircases. Here, you can easily indulge yourself with vital amenities such as the on-site theatre, cabanas close to the pool, and the Spa.

Wynn Las Vegas offers free self-parking. Though valet parking comes with a charge, it is far better compared to most other places.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island takes a large space on the Las Vegas Strip, and it provides great guest rooms, an outdoor pool, and the Avenger S.T.A.T.I.O.N of Marvel to get you introduced to the Avengers.

They have an incredible and perfect room, with sanctuaries that are air-conditioned. This protects customers from any possible desert heat. If you really wish to feel some parts of the throbbing pulse of Las Vegas, then you should visit Treasure Island. Parking is free here, so you have nothing to worry about.

The STRAT Hotel, Casino & Skypod

Due to the observation tower of 350.2 m, which glows in the light, and houses a revolving restaurant, no one can easily miss The START. At the tower’s base, there’s a hotel with 2427 rooms featuring a large casino.

All the rooms are comfortable and modern, and they have good views with flat-screen TVs. This is great for having a break after having a stressful holiday.

Different atmospheres are provided by these pools. There’s a family pool located on the eighth floor, which features large hot tubs. The tower’s Top of the World restaurant delivers a futuristic feel. All types of parking here are free and there are no signs that this will change.

SLS(Sahara Las Vegas)

This is another resort that is proud to offer free parking. SLS has very comfortable rooms that have a colorful and quirky décor. Some of these décors are modern, having geometric designs. SLS is lovable because they have a unique style. This makes them stand out compared to other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

As you go further away from the major Strip, you will discover that there’s no crowd on the casino floor. This will help you focus more on your cards! Always know that you may easily walk to all the major attractions in the hotel.

The Palazzo and the Venetian

The Venetian is one of the huge resorts that offer free parking. Asides from this great offer, they have phenomenal amenities. These include the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, 80 restaurants, and 10 outdoor pools

Both the Palazzo and Venetian are well decorated. The latter is larger and presents a more party atmosphere. This makes it a great place for your visitors to start their nights in Las Vegas. After you are done here, you can then proceed to the Palazzo, where you will be able to listen to live music.

Circus Circus

If you hate paying for parking, then find your way to the Circus Circus. This is a place that has a theme park, casino, and hotel, all in one.

There are so many entertainment acts here. Asides from this, there are waterslides on the Splash Zone, as well as hot tubs and cabanas that will help users unwind.

The sizes of the rooms are good and are very comfortable. Though the brown color used may not be everyone’s favorite, there can’t be much complaint because the beds are extremely comfortable. The Casio also features lots of table games and you may spend whatever you win at the Promenade’s shopping area.

Take note that, although self-parking is completely free, there’s a charge attached to valet parking.

Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

The Stratosphere consists of 2,427 hotel rooms housed in a magnificent resort made of an eight-story self-park garage. The garage is located west of the hotel and casino with an access point via Baltimore Street south of Stratosphere.

As many places at the Strip switch back the paid parking system, such as the Mirage Mile Shops and M.G.M. Resorts, the Stratosphere is still holding up to its free service. The parking is free for both hotel guests and visitors alike.

Beware that the parking garage is six feet seven inches tall. Also, the pedestrian walk that lets you out of the parking garage is on the 3rd level only; other levels do not have the walkway, demanding you to use the stairs or the elevator to get to the pedestrian walk. Valet parking is also free, like self-parking; however, it is customary to tip the valet.

Tropicana Hotel and Casino

Parking is free at Tropicana, provided there are no events or special functions at the venue or the next-door neighbors such as the T-Mobile Arena and M.G.M. Garden Arena. When events occur, the parking fee is set at $15 per day for every single vehicle. However, this does not apply to hotel guests since they get free parking regardless of holidays or occasions.

The free offer applies to self-parking and valet parking on non-event days. Guests and visitors get to enjoy this rare park at the Strip. Valet parking is $20 per day per vehicle for visitors during the event days.

Resorts World

Resort World Las Vegas offers complimentary self-parking to all guests, provided no special events in the venue or nearby. This rule is similar to one of Tropicana Hotel and Casino. However, Resorts World charges more for Valet Parking ($25 per vehicle per day).

There are no official parking fees set for self-parking during special events. This leaves a huge window for the management to charge whatever fee during those special events.

Shopping Centers Offering Free Parking

If you want to park at any shopping center, then get ready to take your car on or before the time for closing. This is because they do not permit any car parking overnight.

Shops at Crystals

This shopping mall contains gourmet restaurants, incidental offices, art galleries, support areas, and high-end retailers. Departmental stores are absent; however, they have 56 lovely boutiques, which include Harry Winston, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Hermes, Versace, and Cartier. Shops at Crystals is one of the few shopping centers offering free parking

The Shoppes at Mandalay Place

This is a place for you to get the best kind of shopping in Vegas. Here, you’ll find a great collection of lounges and bars, as well as stores, eclectic venues, and restaurants. They also offer free parking.

Fashion Show Mall

The fashion show mall is near the strip’s north end. This fashion show is well-known as one of the largest shopping centers in Vegas. This property has about three to four garages and lots. However, one thing the mall doesn’t allow is parking overnight.

All the lots can be accessed and they offer valet and free parking

Reward Programs That Offer Free Parking Benefits

One great way to get a place for free parking on the Las Vegas strip is by signing up to get a reward card. Some hotels have them; they usually give some benefits with respect to free parking. Let’s consider some of these benefits.

M Life Rewards

Here, they offer free self-parking, either at Pearl level or higher. At all MGM properties, you’ll get Free Valet parking for NOIR, Platinum, and Gold status.

Caesars Rewards

Here, you’ll get free valet and self-parking for Seven, Platinum, and Diamond Stars status at all Caesars Entertainment properties

Wynn Red Card

Wynn offers priority, complimentary, and valet parking. This is available at the black level.

B Connected

Here, they offer free parking at different locations. This usually happens with emerald and sapphire levels.

Downtown Grand Rewards

Self-parking and free valet parking is given to black status members.

Cosmopolitan Identity Rewards Program

Having a sterling status or something higher gives you free self-parking. Having Gold status or something higher gives the individual free valet parking.

Note that Caesars and MGM Entertainment boasts of having over half of the casinos and hotels on the Strip of Las Vegas.

Therefore, if you are searching for the most appropriate reward program for you, note that the M Life Rewards and the Caesars Entertainment Rewards are simply the best.

If you have one or both cards, then you can be sure of getting to park free. With these credit cards, you will get free parking service frequently. Though, you must remember that a credit check is usually required.

Within 90 days after approval, Caesars Visa Card usually upgrades to platinum. After this point, card owners will get valet parking or complimentary self-parking. This is allowed in some selected markets at the Caesars Entertainment hotels.

The Mastercard for M Life Rewards will give users the benefits of free parking, which includes events at the entertainment venues of MGM Properties.

Tips for Free Parking on the Las Vegas

Although getting somewhere to park for free on the Las Vegas Strip could be complicated without having to stay at a resort, there are some ways aside from visiting the places we have listed above.

Take for instance, local businesses in the downtown area of Las Vegas can ensure your free parking when you spend some cash with them. Ensure you check the restaurants’ management or the casinos.

Residents in Nevada must search for promotions because people having a valid driver’s license are given free parking. Although it doesn’t come completely free, there are other options if you cannot afford to pay for parking. Great options here include rideshare, Deuce on the Strip, and the Downtown Loop Shuttle.

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Regarding finding a place for free parking on the Las Vegas Strip, there’s always a way. Although things might have become more difficult, there are still some great options for you to park free. Make sure you take note of the rules and regulations governing these places. By doing so, you should park free without any issues.

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