Horseshoe Las Vegas (Formerly Bally’s) Parking: Map, Fees, Policies

Like most places in Las Vegas, self-parking at Horseshoe Las Vegas is free for the first hour. Also, members of the Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Star rewards clubs get complimentary parking: for both valet and self-parking.

Horseshoe Las Vegas (formerly Bally’s Las Vegas) is one of the best destinations to park at when running errands at the Las Vegas Strip.

The location is convenient since it is close to various establishments like the Bellagio that houses the mesmerizing Fountains of Bellagio show. You can also get to visit Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower to experience a great view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Horseshoe Las Vegas Center Strip Hotel and Casino

This article will take you through the various parking policies that Horseshoe Las Vegas management, Caesars Entertainment has installed at the premises.

There is a summary table to help you know the various charges for both self-parking and valet parking.

Horseshoe Las Vegas Parking Location

Horseshoe Las Vegas is owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment, a resort company that owns huge resorts like Paris Las Vegas, Planet HollywoodCaesars PalaceFlamingo hotel & casino, The Linq, and The Cromwell.

There are various types of parking garages in Las Vegas, some are underground and others are span several stories. Horseshoe’s parking garage is housed in a seven-story structure that is well connected to the residents of Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas.

An important thing to note is that Paris Las Vegas and Horseshoe Las Vegas are physically connected. This is helpful because the two buildings then share the parking space which is ample enough to accommodate the two resorts.

Horseshoe Las Vegas parking map:

The parking garage can be accessed from the Las Vegas Boulevard through Flamingo Road. On the road, take a turn on South to the Las Vegas Boulevard and then proceed to take the first left. Drive like you are headed to Paris Las Vegas and you will see the location.

Another way to get there is to use the unmarked lane after Paris Las Vegas and take a right which will take you a ramp to the parking lot. Keep in mind that there is about a ¼ mile walking distance from the parking garage to the hotel registration desk.

The valet parking option is available once you make the right turn on Flamingo Road. Stay on the left lane and follow the signs that indicate where Horseshoe/Paris valet parking is situated.

The highest clearance for vehicles at the premises is 7.4 feet which do not allow parking of oversized vehicles. For oversized parking, you may want to consider the nearby Flamingo hotel & casino parking garage off of Koval road.

Horseshoe Parking Fees and Policies

The parking fees at Horseshoe Las Vegas are dictated by the Caesars Entertainment parking policies that ensure you get convenient and secure parking at the establishment. It is advisable to keep your parking ticket with you and pay the parking fees at the kiosk before getting to your vehicle. This will ensure you have a convenient and easy exit.

The fees are different for visitors, hotel guests, Caesars Rewards members, and Nevada residents with their original IDs. For example, hotel guests have in-and-out access to any Caesars Entertainment self-parking facility, and valet parking fees are charged to the room bill.

The room key is also used to access all Caesars Entertainment property self-parking facilities.

Valet and self-parking are free to all Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Star Caesars Rewards members. However, the free valet parking for Platinum members is subject to select markets. Keep in mind you will need to have your Caesars Rewards Card on you to gain access to these two parking facilities.

Self-parking fees at Horseshoe Las Vegas

Nevada residents with valid Nevada driver’s licenses get the first 3 hours of self-parking at no cost. The self-parking fees apply afterward which is in line with the charges applied to visitors. This does not apply during events.

The first hour of parking is free for visitors as well as guests. The next 2 hours after that are charged at $15 from Monday to Thursday and $23 from Friday to Sunday.

The tables below show the various charges throughout the day for self-parking at Horseshoe Las Vegas.

Table 1: Horseshoe Las Vegas self-parking fees from Monday to Thursday

Time Fees
0 – 1 hour Free
1 – 3 hours $15
3 – 24 hours $18
Every additional day $18

Table 2: Horseshoe Las Vegas self-parking fees from Friday to Sunday

Time Fees
0 – 1 hour Free
1– 24 hours $23
Every additional day $23

$18 is charged for the hotel lodger regardless of the day you park at Horseshoe. Prices are higher during events. The self-parking fees are flat during these days and the locals, as well as guests plus visitors, are charged $25 flat. The hotel lodger per 24 hours on event days is $18, $23 each additional day or fraction thereof.

Valet Parking Fees At Horseshoe Hotel & Casino

Valet parking does not have any free offers for either hotel guests, visitors, or Nevada residents. Complimentary parking is provided only to Caesars Rewards Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Star members.

Those who choose valet are charged a flat rate 24/7 regardless of how long your vehicle remains in the garage that day. Below are the charges:

Table 3: Horseshoe Las Vegas valet parking fees

Time Fees
0 – 4 hours $30
4– 24 hours $36

There is no grace period for valet parking at Horseshoe Las Vegas. Keep in mind that tipping is highly appreciated but it’s at the discretion of the guest. You can only tip in cash as there are no other options available at the moment.

The good thing about valet parking is that you do not have to worry about losing your valet ticket. The system automatically registers when your vehicle has arrived and this helps the staff calculate the parking fees without needing to see your ticket.

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Horseshoe Las Vegas Parking: FAQs

1. Do Horseshoe and Paris Share A Parking Garage?

Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas are physically connected which allows them to share the same parking space. Horseshoe guests get to park their vehicles next to Paris Las Vegas guests.

2. Does Horseshoe Have Free Parking?

Horseshoe Las Vegas offers free self-parking for the first hour. After that, you are charged depending on hour-long your vehicle stays at the parking garage.

Prices change depending on the day of the week as well as the events that are taking place near the premises. Locals with valid Nevada IDs are treated to a special offer that gives them 3 hours of free parking except during events.

It is also important to remember that Caesars Rewards Platinum, Diamond, and Seven Star members receive free parking for both self and valet parking. Regular charges for self-parking start at $15 and valet parking starts at $30.

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3. What If I Lose My Horseshoe Self-Parking Ticket? 

Proceed to the pay-on-foot kiosk and use the call button. This will contact a parking staff member who will help you with processing the lost ticket and how to proceed with the payment.

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