Ghost Donkey Las Vegas: Location, Features, Drinks

Buried deep in one of Vegas’ biggest casino hotels is a mysterious bar that only the most determined guests can experience.

If you’re lucky enough to find it, you’ll never want to leave!

The alluring bar is worth the hunt but be warned. It will mesmerize you and trap you for a night of Mexican delicacies and exotic tequila.

There is a reason it’s called ‘Ghost’ Donkey. This shadow of a bar is one of the best-kept secrets in Vegas. There are even rumors that it doesn’t exist at all. Just like the mysteries of otherworldly spirits!

But it does exist. And asking a hostess won’t help you find it. Most of the staff at the Cosmopolitan will chuckle at your request for directions and keep schtum.

If you’re very lucky, a concierge will drop you a subtle clue. But even that won’t be enough to guide you there. After all, the legendary bar is reserved for explorers who are willing to play the game of hide and seek.

However, today is your lucky day. Because we know the secret! Read on to learn about how you can find the secluded speakeasy.

We’ve prepared your ultimate guide on how to get to Ghost Donkey in Las Vegas, and what to expect from the illustrious bar when you get there.

Why Visit Ghost Donkey?

Why Visit Ghost Donkey ghost donkey
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Sure, it may be legendary, but there are many fantastic bars in Las Vegas. Why should you visit Ghost Donkey?

Well, first of all, it’s a privilege. Not many people know about the bar – and even fewer can find it. The mystery and exclusivity surrounding this bar are what make it so unique. It might be off the beaten track of the main Vegas strip. But rest assured, Ghost Donkey provides a fiesta experience with the very best Mexican flavors in a quaint setting. It’s the ideal place to visit for pre-drinks or a bite of tasty food before a night out.

You can sip creative cocktails inventions in an intimate setting with new friends you may never see again. The attentive bar staff are determined to make your stay flawless and unforgettable (despite the many rounds of tequila!).

If those things don’t lure you in to see what all the fuss is about, then we don’t know what will!

What to Expect on Arrival?

When you step foot into Ghost Donkey, you will be greeted by dazzling constellations of sparkling lights. There is not a window to be found, but the warm lights create a pinkish tone to match the rosy mood of everyone in the room.

The crazy lights and upbeat Mexican music playing in the background will instantly lift your spirits. You’ll be happily tapping your feet as you sip an El Diablo Swizzle within minutes!

Scattered around the quaint bar are large, leather seating areas. These spots are perfect for gathering with a few friends, or just to socialize with other jubilant guests like you.

Around the edges of this hidden establishment are smaller tables that are perfect for couples. The bar can get busy, and you’ll notice that there are only around 30 seats in the whole place, so it’s best to visit early if you can!

From the moment you arrive, you will be treated like family by the serving staff. They even act like a family themselves!

Their mission is to create a safe and secret drinking space full of smiles. We can tell you that they certainly succeed. Your afternoon or evening couldn’t be more pleasant.

What’s On the Menu

ghost donkey Mexican food
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Even though you won’t be able to spot the kitchen anywhere, Ghost Donkey has some of the best Mexican food in Las Vegas.

Your dishes will be delivered through a hidden door behind the bar. The inconspicuous delivery makes it seem like the food has appeared out of nowhere.

It will add that extra bit of mystery that’s completely fitting with the overall vibe of this bar.

On the menu, black truffle nachos are a specialty. But you can also treat yourself to nachos of every kind.

Select from delectable toppings including wild mushrooms, mole chicken, steak, black beans, chorizo, and guacamole. The steak nachos are some of the most highly reviewed and are a favorite among guests!

You can view the full menu here.

Tequilia, Mezcal and Cocktails

Tequilia Mezcal and Cocktails
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In addition to the exotic food, you’ll find more Mezcal drinks on the menu at Ghost Donkey than you ever thought existed. Each shot will come complete with seasonal fruit and a pinch of salt.

Depending on your personal preference, you can enjoy Mezcals with floral, fruity, or earthy tones.

Although the top-notch mixologists can recommend the best Mezcals for your tastebuds, shotting a Sombra, Bozal Cuixe, or a Durango won’t go amiss!

On hot, dry days, you can sip a frozen Margarita and take a quick pic of the creative way it’s been presented for your Instagram.

Check out the many specialty drinks on offer here.

How to Get to Ghost Donkey Las Vegas

Get ready for a game of hide and seek with the best prize ever! Here is how to get to Ghost Donkey in Las Vegas.

First, you want to head into the Cosmopolitan Luxury Resort Hotel in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

Next, you need to wind your way through the magnificent hallway and go past the casino.

When you see the impressive floor-to-ceiling chandelier, you are in the right place. You should see an escalator tucked behind the lights of the chandelier.

Head on up and take in the unreal sights on your way!

Once you are at the top of the escalator, you should see a juice bar. Close by, there will be a board with a sitemap of the Cosmopolitan. It will highlight the directions to Block 16, which is where you want to go.

Follow the directions until you get to Block 16. You should pass a chequered floor seating area and an elegant bar overlooking the chandelier on your way.

Once you get to Block 16, you’ll see that it’s a food court. You’re almost there! Go through the food court and past the hot sandwich bar. In front of you at Hattie B’s, you should see a booth with graffiti on the walls.

You want to walk towards the graffitied booth and then look all around you. Deep in the shadows, close to an exit sign, you should see a dull green door with a small white donkey on it.

This is it!

How to Get to Ghost Donkey Las Vegas
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The door may look like a service entrance that you are not allowed to go through Even though you think you’ll end up in the kitchen with the chefs if you open it, you won’t. Because this is the famous Ghost Donkey bar!

Push open the magic door and you will be greeted with warm fairy lights, pumped-up music, and flashing optics. You’ve finally arrived at one of the most secret bars in Vegas!

  • Full Address: Level 2, Boulevard Tower 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
  • Opening Hours: Every day from 4pm until midnight

Tips On Visiting Ghost Donkey

Tips on visiting Ghost Donkey
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Once you finally make it to Ghost Donkey, there are a few ways to enjoy your trip in the best possible way. Here are our top tips for visiting the famous bar:

  • If you are in a large group, arrive early or as soon as the bar opens to guarantee the best seat in the house – the busiest period is dinnertime, between 6pm and 8pm
  • Sitting in the booth in a small group will attract visitors to drink with you! If you want privacy, the small tables or the bar stools are the best places to sit
  • Ask the knowledgeable bartenders for the best Mezcal to try – they can recommend a shot that will match your tastebuds and personal preferences
  • Visit the bar for pre-drinks and a meal before a night out for the best experience – you can stay all night long if you like, but the bar is best enjoyed as part of the night, not as the main feature
  • The nachos are irresistible, especially the black truffle ones, so visit when you are hungry if you can!

How to Book?

In short, you can’t! You can just walk in.

There is no way to book a table at Ghost Donkey, likely because the staff can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to find it!

However, you can text resident mischief-maker and digital concierge Rose ‘READY’ before you arrive. She’ll share a secret with you, and we don’t even know what it could be!

You can reach the mysterious representative on (702)-930-8188.

Final Words

If you’ve already checked out the famous hidden bar of Ghost Donkey, let us know how your experience was in the comments. Tell us your recommendations for the best Mezcal to try. We’d love to hear from you!

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