MGM Resorts Self-Parking & Valet Parking Fee (2023 Update)

MGM Resorts International has one of the many hotels and casinos in Las Vegas that used to offer free parking between 2020 and 2021. Things have since changed due to the few coronavirus restrictions in the country in 2023. You can expect to spend about $12 to $18 for self-parking in the MGM residences.

These MGM resorts in Las Vegas include MGM Grand Las Vegas, Bellagio Las Vegas, The Mirage Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Luxor Las Vegas, New York Hotel and Casino, Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Aria Las Vegas, and Park MGM Las Vegas. Some charge parking fees, and others have entirely different ones.

MGM Resorts Destinations

We will take a look at the MGM resorts international policies when it comes to parking in their Las Vegas hotels and Casinos. We will also look at the self-parking as well as valet parking fees to give you an idea of what to expect when you drive into the hotels. Keep in mind that the self-parking and valet parking prices are subject to change without notice. Visit MGM grand’s official site and contact pages for any new changes. 

Is There MGM Free Parking? – MGM Resorts Las Vegas Parking Policies

MGM free parking was slowly removed from the company’s policies starting from 2016 with the MGM Grand Las Vegas. This was in line with what lots of hotels and casinos in Las Vegas were doing. Other companies that started this move include Wynn Resorts and Encore resorts. The trend continued until 2019 when these two companies decided to ditch the system and return to complimentary self-parking.

MGM and many of the resorts at the Strip stuck with the paying system until 2020 during the corona pandemic. They offered complimentary self-parking at their resorts due to the dwindling numbers of visitors and tourists coming in for celebrations and vacations. The free option attracted many visitors, but it wasn’t long till the MGM resorts saw fit to get back to the paying system. This happened on June 1st, 2021.

As of 2022, MGM Resorts International charges fees for self-parking and valet parking in all of their hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Paid self-parking systems are not options that most guests agree with. According to a 2018 Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance Survey, 37 percent of respondents do not park at The Strip in Las Vegas due to the charges involved.

Instead, they would rather park far away to avoid paying the hefty prices. However, about 7 percent of the respondents do not mind either way and would pay the parking fees in their frequent hotels and casinos.

As per the MGM Resorts International parking policy, short-term visitors are granted one hour of free self-parking. Charges start to apply after that first hour and add up till the end of the day (24 hours). There is complimentary parking for Nevada residents with their driver’s license, which is perk non-residents do not get.

On the other hand, Registered hotel guests get in-out privileges when they pay the parking fees, unlike short-term visitors. However, this only applies to the specific type of parking you paid for, either self or valet.

Moreover, guests can use their room keys to use any parking facilities in the MGM resorts till 11:59 pm on the very day they check out. You can also choose to conveniently pay for parking by having it billed to your room.

The MGM resorts M Life rewards club members get the most parking benefits. As an M Life member, you get free self-parking if you belong to the Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and Noir M Life clubs. Only Gold, Noir, and Platinum members get free valet parking.

No ticket is required for M Life members; all you need is your membership card on the exit to get your complimentary self-parking. However, you will need both a valet ticket and your membership card for the free valet parking benefits (Gold, Noir, and Platinum). For those who only have M life rewards Mastercard only, do not worry; you automatically get upgraded to Pearl status and receive free self-parking.

There is an important thing to remember when parking at MGM Resorts is that oversized vehicles can only get parking at The Mirage and Excalibur Hotel and Casino. There is no provision for them at the other residences.

You will also need to call the desk at these MGM Resorts to reserve a space for an oversized vehicle due to limited availability. Additionally, the first-hour free offer for guests and visitors does not apply to oversized vehicles; you start paying as soon as you enter the oversized parking lot. However, members of the Pearl, Platinum, Gold and Noir M Life Rewards club get complimentary parking for their oversized vehicles.

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MGM Resorts International Las Vegas Parking Fees

MGM Resorts
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Parking fees at any MGM Resort in Las Vegas apply based on the number of hours your vehicle remains in the parking lot. In case you park your vehicle past the 24 hours that are normally charged, an additional 24-hour parking fee will be added to your bill or a fraction thereof.

Parking fees are subject to change without notice and will vary depending on the holiday or event. Prices are higher during the weekend for valet parking but remain constant throughout for self-parking. At the moment, you can only pay for parking using credit cards and other means of contactless payment. Check-in with the front desk first in case you want to pay in cash.

Oversized vehicles are charged based on their size and per 24 hours only. Owners of oversized vehicles that are 30-feet in length or above will be required to pay $50 per 24-hour period at Excalibur and Mirage. For oversized vehicles that are under 30-feet in length, the price is $30 per 24-hour period. These prices apply to just one vehicle.

Here are the parking fees for regular-sized vehicles at MGM Resorts Las Vegas:

MGM Resorts Self-parking Fees

  • MGM resorts international policies include MGM Grand, Park MGM, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, New York-New York, Excalibur, and Luxor

Self-parking fees are the cheapest at these destinations. If you want to save a buck at the Strip for self-parking, then these hotels and casinos are your most affordable options.

Additionally, the residents of Nevada are given complimentary parking for 3 hours by MGM. Ensure to carry your Nevada driver’s license with you to the exit gate if you want to take advantage of this offer. The self-parking fees start applying after the first 3 hours.

To get the 3 hours, all you need to do is proceed to the exit and put your ticket, together with the valid Nevada driver’s license, under the barcode reader. You will immediately get complimentary parking on the spot. Note that you can only get the complimentary parking at the exit gate and no other place like the self-parking pay on Foot kiosks.

Duration of parking Parking fees
First 1 hour Zero charges
Over 1 hour to 4 hours $12
4 hours to 24 hours $15
Over 24 hours (parking for a whole day and each additional day) $15
  • At Aria and Bellagio

The same 3 hours of complimentary parking applies to MGM resorts at Aria and Bellagio. These hotels and casinos are the second cheapest MGM resorts options for self-parking. The price of $15 to $18 is still something that most guests haven’t gotten accustomed to but is fair compared to the valet parking fees.

Duration of parking Parking fees
First 1 hour Zero charges
Over 1 hour to 4 hours $15
Over 4 hours to 24 hours $18
Over 24 hours (parking for a whole day and each additional day, or a fraction thereof) $18

MGM Resorts Valet Parking Fees

Valet parking is more expensive than self-parking in all resorts in Las Vegas. All you need to do to get valet parking is to get a ticket when you hand in your car and then present the ticket when you leave as you pay the bill. You will have to pay before you get your vehicle.

Hotel guests will be billed to their room for valet parking which means all you will need to get your vehicle is to present your room keycard when you leave. One tip for guests; call the valet service before going to your room to save you some time instead of waiting at the valet desk for your vehicle.

Short-term visitors are advised to valet park their vehicle once to save them some money. If you are a visitor and get your vehicle checked multiple times, you will have to pay afresh every time the valet parks your car. The clock starts ticking every time you present your vehicle to the valet.

  • At Bellagio, Aria, and Vdara.
Duration of parking Friday to Sunday Monday to Thursday
First 2 hours $25 $21
Over 2 hours to 4 hours $30 $25
Over 4 hours to 24 hours $35 $30
Over 24 hours (parking for a whole day and each additional day, or a fraction thereof) $35 $30
  • At MGM Grand, Park MGM, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, New York-New York, Excalibur, and Luxor
Duration of parking Friday to Sunday Monday to Thursday
First 2 hours $20 $18
Over 2 hours to 4 hours $24 $22
Over 4 hours to 24 hours $30 $26
Over 24 hours (parking for a whole day and each additional day, or a fraction thereof) $30 $26

What Happens If I Lose my MGM Resort Parking Ticket?

Do not worry if you have lost an MGM parking ticket to any of the resorts. Reach out to the management at the front desk and let them know you have lost the ticket. They will first make sure they determine how long your vehicle has been in the parking lot. According to their stated rates, if they figure out how long your car has been parked there, you will be charged for that period.

If they cannot determine how long your vehicle has been parked, you will be charged a flat fee for your lost ticket. The parking fee for a lost ticket is $30 per day in all the MGM resorts. This is for regular-sized vehicles.

Oversized vehicles under 30-feet in length will be charged $35 per day as the price for the lost ticket. For oversized vehicles that are 30-feet in length or above, the parking fee for a lost ticket is $50 per day. All of this is based on how long you have stayed in the hotel or visited the residence.

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