17 Best Restaurants in MGM Grand Las Vegas 2023

Did you know the MGM Grand houses the most prestigious restaurants in Las Vegas? In fact, the late JoëlRobuchon, from whom JoëlRobuchon at MGM Grand got its name, held a remarkable 32 Michelin Star record, which has not gotten broken to date.

However, the Michelin Guide was published last in 2009; who knows what other MGM Grand restaurants can top JoëlRobuchon.

The restaurants at MGM Grand are mainly upscale and exclusive places, some of which do not publicly share their menu. An example of such is Crush and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. They all provide top-of-the-line services and attract the most exciting clientele the world can see.

Read more to get to know which restaurants make it to the top of our list and what sets them apart from each other. The best restaurants in MGM Grand will treat you to eclectic dining experiences that will leave you with lots of stories to tell.

Best Restaurants in MGM Grand

1. Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon 1
Image Source: @joelrobuchon.lasvegas

Joel Robuchon is the priciest restaurant in Las Vegas. Are you now wondering how much it costs to eat at Joel Robuchon Las Vegas? Well, a tasting menu for two that’s costs more than $1,100. This is after wine, tip, and taxation.

Moreover, the restaurant does not provide an online accessible menu or wine list on any of its platforms. In fact, you cannot get a hold of the menu unless you are dining at the location. How exclusive.

The infamous Michelin Star restaurant has a 3-star rating that it has helped onto for several years. The famed Joel Robuchon dubbed the Chef of the Century from 1989, is the one the restaurant was named after.

Robuchon has held the name of the late Joel in high esteem by maintaining a high rank with several awards under its belt. The awards include the 2018 Grand Award from Wine Spectator and a Five Diamond rating from AAA.

The restaurant’s menu follows Chef Joel Robuchon’s motto “To make a grand meal, you have to make it simple. To look simply is very complicated. You need the highest quality products, the best equipment, and you have to focus on the original flavor of the product.”

At Robuchon, you can feast on upscale meals like the 15-course tasting that starts with Joel’s iconic dish, Le Caviar Imperial. There are 12 grams of osetra caviar in the dish with king crab dotted with cauliflower puree.

2. Morimoto Las Vegas

Morimoto Las Vegas
Image Source: @mgmgrand

Morimoto is run by Chef Masaharu Morimoto, who is widely known as the Iron Chef. The restaurant is decorated with stunning photos taken by the critically acclaimed photographer Yasumichi Morita. The photographs add an elegant and exotic look to the venue and bring out its Japanese design beauty.

Infused with contemporary aspects, Morimoto Las Vega is a Japanese restaurant that brings you Japanese staples like a sushi bar and Buri Bop cooked tableside. As the Iron Chef says, “No rules. Don’t be afraid to do whatever you want. Cooking doesn’t have to have rules. I don’t like it that way.”

The menu is fitted with the Iron Chef’s own Tomahawk Ribeye that got him his nickname. You can also choose to eat the Ishi Yaki Buri Bop of yellowtail on rice cooked at your table in a hot stone bowl.

3. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill
Image Source: @mgmgrand

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is a well-known restaurant when it comes to the culinary world. The team has been able to revolutionize the American bar and grill scene by creating new approaches to California-based cuisines. Signature dishes include items like wood-fired pizzas and flat iron steaks.

Fan favorites on the menu include the prime flat iron steak that comes with blue cheese butter and red wine sauce, all paired with French fries.

The main course meals from Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill include grilled prime burgers, half jidori chicken, and some seared Scottish salmon, just to mention a few.

Since the beginning, Chef Wolfgang Puck has been with the team, ensuring the restaurant got several accolades like 2011 Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator and the Three Diamond rating from AAA.

Also, the Chef himself got voted the Best Celebrity Chef in the In Vegas Magazine Awards.

4. LÁtelier de Joël Robuchon

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
Image Source: @bonfireseeker

The infamous Joel Robuchon is also the founder of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, which provides you with a unique experience of preparing food in front of you.

The Chef of the Century ensured the restaurant brought high-quality cuisines in an interactive and communal ambiance. All of this has been able to earn the restaurant a Michelin Star rating that attracts thousands of customers each year.

The constant innovation at the restaurant keeps it in direct competition with itself and other well-established restaurants. As aptly stated by Joel Robuchon, ‘I constantly strive; my work is permanent research, my permanent obsession with the quality of one’s labor.’

Awards granted to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon include the 2019 Four Stars award from Forbes Travel Guide, 2016 Best of Excellence from Wine Spectator, Four Diamond from AAA, and One Star from the 2009 Michelin Star Guide.

You can get to the restaurant by walking through the MGM Grand casino floor as you go towards Avenue café. Proceed to make a right and go past Crush, where you will see the restaurant on your left-hand side.

One popular order is the beef and Foie gras burger that comes with Sauteed Bell Peppers. Another exciting choice is the Le Foie Gras which is constricted by moi. You may also opt for the Le Cailler, a caramelized quail dish filled with foie gras and served with potato puree.

5. Crush

Image Source: @mgmgrand

Crush at the MGM Grand elevates American Cuisines with a more playful twist in a modern and social environment.

Visit the location to get treated to tantalizing traditional favorites to innovative and creative dishes that are one of a kind.

The restaurant is the winner of several Thrillist awards, including Best Places to Party While Having Dinner and The Best Restaurants in Vegas.

Some of the highly praised items include the Ahi Tuna and Sesame crusted ahi tuna with avocado on top. A fan favorite is the filet mignon served with sweet onions, blue cheese fondue, and fingerling potatoes.

In case you want something more casual, you can opt for the wood-fired pizza that brings you Italian sausage-style pizza topped off with Pepperoncini and roasted red peppers.

Dining at the Crush can be reserved for a private event so long as you reserve for 15 people or more. Use the contact details above to get your seats.

Crush is on the left of the Avenue café in the MGM Grand. Walk through the casino as you head over to Avenue and then make a right. Crush will be visible on your left side.

6. Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak

Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak
Image Source: @mgmgrand

Chef Tom Colicchio brings you a blend of classic traditional foods with an innovative modern twist at his MGM Grand restaurant. The James Beard Award-Winning chef creates dishes that are full of tasty flavors.

The ingredients used in the dishes come from small family farms and small-scale fishers groups to ensure the true flavors are captured in each dish.

The dishes are amazing but wait until you try Tom Colicchio’s signature Craftsteak cocktail.

The first course will treat you to the seafood bar meals like the seafood tower. It comes with lobster, shrimp, oysters, salmon poke, seared Ahi tuna, and seaweed salad.

You can also get the prosciutto San Daniele that has roasted poaches.

7. Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House

Emeril's New Orleans Fish House
Image Source: @mgmgrand

Chef Emeril has over 25 years of experience in the seafood sector and brings his enormous expertise to his fish house in MGM Grand. Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House won 2016 Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator and is Three Diamond approved by AAA.

Named as the king of modern Creole cuisines, Chef Emeril brings you his signature New New Orleans cooking style by providing a twist to the classic Creole dishes from Louisiana.

The menu is filled with mouthwatering options like the freshly sucked oysters that come with cucumber, seaweed mignonette, and Habanero Pepper water.

There is also the Gumbo comprising of shrimp, okra, and Andouille sausage.

8. Greek Sneek

Greek Sneek
Image Source: @greeksneek

Greek Sneek is the perfect place to be to introduce yourself to Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. The dishes are products of the work of Jenna and Michael Morton of the Morton restaurant family.

Their selection of handcrafted Greek cocktails well accompanies their selection of fresh and flavorful dishes.

The extensive menu introduces you to choices like the gyros that consist of a choice of chicken, steak pita sandwich, or lamb. All of this is accompanied by assortments of red onions, tzatziki, fries, and tomato.

9. Hakkasan Restaurant

Hakkasan Restaurant
Image Source: @hakkasanvegas

Hakkasan brings you modern Chinese cuisines that are engulfed in contemporary artistry. The revitalized stylish interior of the restaurant signifies a truly reborn and fine dining location.

The innovative Cantonese cuisines at the restaurant are from Chef de Cuisine Pinyo Saewu, who is known for his expertise in the Cantonese world.

The restaurant has won several awards over the years, including the 2015 Best Asian Restaurant award by Southern Nevada Concierge Association.

Best of Las Vegas named Hakkasan the Best Fine Dining of 2015, and the restaurant took home the 2014 Platinum Platter award from Three Square’s Spring Las Vegas Restaurant Week.

10. TAP Sports Bar

TAP Sports Bar
Image Source: @mgmgrand

The Golden Knight’s games are best watched at the TAP, with is a huge collection of 60 HD TVs that plaster the walls of the establishment.

The sports bar also serves as a restaurant providing you with group dining and casual meals like single patties, burgers, and sandwiches.

You won’t miss a good cheesesteak or hot chicken at the Tap Sports Bar. Nachos and quesadillas are in plenty, with a huge assortment of chicken wings and loaded fries.

The American-Style lager draft beers are the order of the day for each game, giving you all the excitement, you need to cheer on your team.

11. Pieology

Image Source: @pieology

Pieology brings you the option to create your own artisan pizza. This is done by selecting a few choices from fresh dough, cheeses, toppings, and sauces.

The order by number menu includes standard white pizza like ones with grilled chicken, sliced red onions, Gorgonzola, BBQ sauce, and Mozzarella.

12. MGM Grand Buffet

MGM Grand Buffet Food
Source: @ike_junco

The Buffet at MGM Grand is located in the MGM Grand casino. As you come from the front desk, walk to Avenue Café and make a left.

Proceed towards the casino and go past the Jabbawockeez theatre. The MGM Grand Buffet will be visible on the right just before the BetMGM Sportsbook.

The pricing from Monday to Thursday is $27.99 per person but it increases to $36.99 per person from Friday to Sunday. Keep in mind that children under the age of five receive complimentary meals at any given time.

13. International Smoke

International Smoke 1
Image Source: @internationalsmoke

International Smoke is brought to you buy the famous Chef, Michael Mina and the celebrity sensation Ayesha Curry. Together, they have been able to provide MGM visitors with a culinary experience full of seafoods, ribs, and woodfired steaks.

International Smoke Food
Image Source: @internationalsmoke

Foods include American style cuisines as well as Korean fares like the smoked Korean style prime short rib.

Signature entrees are in plenty with offerings like the Jamaican braised oxtail with red beans, coconut rice, baby carrots, and green seasoning.

14. Cabana Grill

Cabana Grill

The Cabana Grill is located on the right side of the MGM Grand pool. It offers its guest with a poolside dining experience featuring meals like the Cabana grill tacos served with red chili rubbed white fish, roasted garlic, chipotle aioli, and cabbage slaw. You won’t miss anything amazing to satisfy your post-swim cravings.

The breakfast menu is sweet and savory with Cabana crunch toasts, breakfast burritos, and continental breakfast with assorted pastries, whipped butter, preserves, and fresh squeezed juice. You can add coffee on top if you so wish.

15. Nellie’s Southern Kitchen

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen

Nellie’s is a recent addition to the MGM dining scene with fine dining offerings comprising of Southern cuisines and signature dishes inspired by Nellie Jonas (great grandma to the Jonas Brothers).

It is a clean and elegant gem at MGM Grand that debuted in May 2022. The Jonas Brother’s father, Kevin Jonas, opened the first location in 2016 which became popular for its Southern hospitality and homemade mannerism.

Try the savory crunchy fried chicken or the Country fried steaks. The Nashville hot chicken is also another popular delectable alongside the high-quality braised short rib and Nellie’s Cobb salad.

16. Grand Wok Noodle Bar

Grand Wok Noodle Bar

Grand Wok Noodle Bar has a welcoming casual atmosphere bound to attract a wider audience. Its traditional Asian cuisine menu brings you classics from wok-tossed noodles to fresh seafood.

What sets the restaurant apart from the masses of noodle bars is its romantic color themes. The entrance is filled with red roses that make the red pop from the floor to reflections on the glass windows and shimmers on the roof.

The interior has green accents, warm lighting, and an airy atmosphere that makes you forget you are indoors.

17. Ambra Italian Restaurant

Ambra Italian Restaurant

Ambra Italian is a modern rendition of the Italian classic cuisines from the Italian meatballs to the eggplant parmigiana, the Veal marsala with grilled veal chip and the lobster & artichoke Ra Violi.

Try the popular prime beef tartare or the delectable Ambra cake that leaves no taste bud to its imagination. Tune in to the nightly moody live music that emanates an aura of class and elegance throughout the night.

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Final Thoughts

MGM Grand is the home to more than ten restaurants that bring you several dishes from Mediterranean cuisines to Cantonese dishes. Made by the executive and award-winning chefs, you cannot go wrong at any of the establishments.

Keep in mind that the meals can be quite expensive, so check in with the linked menus to get your budget ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there free parking near MGM Grand restaurants?

Visitors to the MGM Grand are allowed to park at its parking garage located in a seven-story parking structure that is to the east of the hotel.

Parking at MGM Grand is not free.

You get free self-parking for the first hour only but will be charged $15 for 1-4 hours, $18 for 4-24 hours, and $18 for over 24 hours and each additional day.

Residents of Nevada with valid Nevada driver’s licenses are treated to 3 hours of complimentary self-parking.

Valet charges change throughout the week. From Monday to Thursday, you get charged $18 for the first two hours, $22 for 2-4 hours, $26 for 4-24 hours, and $26 for over 24 hours or any additional day. Friday to Sunday is $20 for 0-2 hours, $24 for 2-4 hours, $30 for 4-24 hours, and $30 for over 24 hours or any additional day.

2. Is MGM Grand the biggest hotel in Las Vegas?

The biggest hotel and casino in Las Vegas is the MGM Grand, with over 6,000 rooms and a total of over 171,000 square feet of gaming space.

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