Venetian vs. Palazzo Las Vegas: Which Should You Choose?

One of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas and a favorite among many travelers is the Venetian. It boasts of the rich Italian culture, from decor to food service. If you’ve ever been to Italy, then you know it’s the cradle of romance. It’s practically in every couple’s honeymoon dream, right there with Paris.

But Italy has never been this close to home now that Vegas has one of the most luxurious hotels. And not just one hotel, but two Italian luxury resorts! The Palazzo at Venetian is another Italian-themed marvel that attracts all Alejandros to town. That’s like having two choices between a Ford-F, and a Chevy Silverado-either is just wow!

Both the Palazzo and Venetian have Italian themes. They show the culture and glowing decor of the rich heritage of Italy.

Even when these two hotels are incredible, you can only book one at a time. So here comes the big question: How will you know which is right for you? It sounds like a contentious mandate to choose one of these jewels, but worry not. That’s why this guide is here to help you answer the grave questions, to help you pick a suitable choice.

History of Venetian and Palazzo

History of Venetian and Palazzo
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The Venetian was established in 1999 to showcase the rich heritage of Venice as a city of romance and radiance. It became one of the most exquisite resorts ever built at the time, closing the 20th century on a high note. It’s most iconic builds are the 25 -foot Botticino Italian marble at the Venetian lobby, and the colonnades marble floor hand-fitted and modeled after the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario in Venice.

In 2008, the Venice management added another structure, the Palazzo, as a sister hotel to the Venetian. It’s a modern-looking Italian hotel with modern Italian fixtures, decor, and art. Apart from its design and signature modern look, the Palazzo is home to the famous two-story porte-cochere. It’s the only building with such in Nevada, a big deal. The Palazzo at Venetian is also the second tallest building in Nevada, standing 639.5 feet above the ground.

Together, the Venetian and Palazzo resorts for over 3 million square feet of meeting and shopping areas. More than 40 world-class restaurants call these Italian resorts home, serving recipes from known international chain restaurants and celebrity chefs.

Venetian vs. Palazzo


The Venetian and Palazzo resorts are identical in more ways than one. In part, they are like twins. The rooms in these luxury destinations are tailored to specific Italian themes. The decor and art are Italian imports, and the room sizes are similar in both hotels.

The only distinct difference in the room sizes is that The Palazzo rooms are bigger, with a 700 square feet difference. And who hates more room? You will have enough space for play and work in such a room if you like.

Rooms at the Venetian

Rooms at the Venetian
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The double columns as you head to the lobby remind you of the remarkable architecture of Italy, with wall decorations to match the era. Rooms at The Venetian are spacious and full of amenities you will enjoy. With over 4,000 suites available, you can’t miss a favorite.

So, what kind of suites does the Venetian have?

  • Luxury King Suite – 650 ft² (1 king-size bed, separate living space, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Luxury Two Queen Suite – 750 ft² (2 queen-size beds, separated living area, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Premium Two Queen Suite – 1,100 ft² (2 queen-size beds, separated living area, sofa sleeper, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Grand King Suite – 1,500 ft² (a master bedroom grand king bed, double door Italian marble foyer, 1.5 baths, powder room)
  • Grand One Bedroom Suite – 1,300 ft² (1 king-size bed, HDTV, full bar, bedroom view, double head shower, and jetted tub)
  • Executive King Suite – 1,800 ft² (1 king-size bed, personal theater/workout room, separated living area, dining area, bar, double shower heads with bench, and jetted tub)
  • Penthouse Suite – 2,600 ft² (2 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, access to Prestige Club Lounge)
  • Presidential Suite – 5,200 ft² (2 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, access to Prestige Club Lounge)
  • Chairman Suite – 8,000/9,000 ft² (4 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, 24-hour butler service)

Rooms at the Palazzo

Rooms at the Palazzo
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Booking a room in the Palazzo is an experience you will probably not remember. But you know what will never get out of your memory? The check-in process is seamless and easy to follow. Immediately after entering the lounge with an Italian marble floor greets you. You’ll then book one of the 3,000+ rooms at the Venetian resort.

On that note, check out the suites at The Palazzo:

  • Luxury King Suite – 720 ft² (1 king-size bed, separate living space, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Luxury Two Queen Suite – 720 ft² (2 queen size beds, separated living area, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Premium King Suite – 940 ft² (1 king-size bed, Italian marble foyer, guaranteed strip/ pool view, glass-enclosed shower with Roman bathing tub)
  • Grand One Bedroom Suite – 1,280 ft² (1 king-size bed or 2 queen size beds, jetted tub with separate glass-enclosed shower, double door entrance, Italian marble foyer, and a 130 ft² Italian marble bathroom)
  • Executive Suites – 1,850 ft² (1 or 2 bedrooms, piano/pool, jetted tub with separate glass-enclosed shower, double door entrance, and Italian marble foyer)
  • Penthouse Suite – 3,204 ft² (2 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, access to Prestige Club Lounge)
  • Presidential Suite – 6,277 ft² (3 or 4 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, and 24-hour butler service)
  • Chairman Suite – 8,000/9,000 ft² (3 or 4 bedrooms, terrace, steam room and sauna, and a private pool and spa)

Room pricing is another vital determinant when it comes to hotel booking. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no significant variation in price in both places. Mostly the difference will be less than 20 bucks, with the Palazzo taking the higher bid.

The Venezia Tower

The Venezia Tower is in the west wing of the Venetian resort. It houses 1000+ sufficiently furnished suites with all amenities of a luxury suite. They offer peace and are considered the luxury wing of the hotel. The two suite types are:

  • Luxury King Suite – 650 ft² (1 king-size bed, separate living space, oversized bathroom with Roman bathing tub)
  • Luxury Two Queen Suite – 700 ft² (2 Queen size beds, separated living space, sofa sleeper, oversized bathroom with Roman bathing tub)

Other amenities include a garden courtyard, two pools, two hot buys, an outdoor shower, and cocktails and wine by Bouchon.

Venetian and Palazzo Restaurants

Venetian and Palazzo Restaurants
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Restaurants on either the Palazzo or the Venetian are world-class with internationally acclaimed recipes. They also stock fresh ingredients to savor gourmet foods. Celebrity kitchens are available to give you celebrated tastes developed by masters of the culinary arts.

  • Seafood restaurants: Majordōmo Meat & Fish, Mercato Della Pescheria, Estiatorio Milos, SUGARCANE raw bar grill, and SUSHISAMBA
  • Steakhouse restaurants: Cut, Delmonico Steakhouse, Majordōmo Meat & Fish, and Smith & Wollensky
  • Vegan/vegetarian restaurants: BRERA osteria, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Bouchon, Buddy V’s Ristorante, CUT, LAVO, Majordōmo Meat & Fish, Moon Palace by David Chang, Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano, Mott 32, SUGARCANE raw bar grill, SUSHISAMBA, TAO, Truth & Tonic, and Yardbird
  • Asian food restaurants: Mott 32, Majordōmo Meat & Fish, Hong Kong Café, TAO Asian Bistro, SUSHISAMBA, Noodle Asia, and The X Pot
  • American restaurants: Truth & Tonic – Wellness Café, Trustworthy Brewing Company, Spritz Restaurant & Bar, Royal Britannia Gastropub, RockhousePrimeBurger, Canyon Ranch Grill, Grand Lux Café at The Venetian, Grand Lux Café at The Palazzo, CAPRI Pool Restaurant & Bar, Moon Palace by David Chang, Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Yardbird, and Majordōmo Meat & Fish
  • French restaurants: Bouchon and Bouchon Bakery
  • Italian restaurants: BRERA osteria, Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano, Buddy V’s Ristorante, LAVO Italian Restaurant, Mercato della Pescheria, Canaletto, Casanova, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, and Trattoria Reggiano
  • Latin restaurants: Cañonita, CHICA, and SUGARCANE raw bar grill
  • Greek restaurants: estiatorio Milos

Some of these restaurants have both dine-in and in-room dining. Ask your host, or at the reception, which restaurants have such a service should you need it. American restaurants offer local cuisines that are more affordable than most International restaurants like French and Italian eateries.

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Pools and Spa

Both The Palazzo and Venetian have exquisite and quite admirable pool options for their guests. They also offer a variety of day beds, cabanas, and pool chairs. You can, therefore, relax stress-free in the sun or under the shielded cabana as the afternoon sails on. Some of the pools have plunge pools to have you fully relaxed.

All pools are heated to give you a warm swimming environment all year round, whether winter or summer.

Venetian Pool Deck

Venetian Pools
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The deck is opening daily from 9 am to 5 pm. It’s one of the resort’s biggest pools. You will see four pools, 3 of which are infinity, a splash pad, pool ledge loungers, and daybeds. More pool chairs are available in the pool for that marinated sun basking your body needs.

The Canyon Ranch spa is close for a relaxing massage session near the pool action. They offer over 90 treatment rooms offering over 150 services. You can opt for a massage, leg rub, sauna session, hot stone treatment, among others. It’s one of the largest day spas spanning over 130,000 ft²; make an appointment today from 8 am to 8 pm daily.

Cabana and daybed prices at the Venetian

Venetian cabana – starting at $1,000 and can fit up to 12 people. The cabana is 310-788 square feet, with a refrigerator, air conditioning, safe and storage, towel service, and bar. A cabana attendant to attend to your needs. You also have wifi service, charging stations, and HDTV at each cabana.

Venetian daybed – starting at $700, offering shade, comfort, and privacy. Pool one daybeds offer deck service, and the ones in pool two are special golden island daybeds. They give maximum comfort and luxury for patrons enjoying the pool experience.

Venetian caban & plunge – starting at $1,200, the 1200-1400 ft² cabana can hold up to 12 persons. They come equipped with an air conditioning system, misters, refrigerator, safe and storage, and full bar. The sofas come with charging ports and towel service for extra convenience. A host will attend to all your needs at the cabana giving you and your party time to enjoy your pool experience.

The Palazzo Pool Deck

Palazzo Pools
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Palazzo offers cold waters to enjoy a hot afternoon sipping something rich. The luxurious pool deck offers cabanas with foot water pools for maximum and comfortable summer soak. The swimming areas serve guests and non-guests, which is a plus, especially if you are not staying at the resort.

Palazzo cabanas can fit up to 12 people, spanning 180 ft² enough to party and bask in the sun. The cabana comes equipped with an ac system, a full bar, wifi, a cabana fan, and a host to attend to you. The cabanas start at $700 at the Palazzo.

Shows and Entertainment

The Gondola Ride
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The Venetian and Palazzo stock the best entertainment for their guests in Vegas. And since this is the entertainment city of the world, Venetian and Palazzo don’t hold back. You can not lack something that spikes your interest here, from nightclubs to cocktail bars. Here is what the resorts have for you:

  • Bar Luca-luxury 24 hour at the palazzo casino, with bar side games
  • Bellini Bar-located in a central location in The Venetian
  • The Cocktail Collective-sensory cocktails at Dorsey, Rosina, and Electra
  • TAO Nightclub-every Thursday through Saturday featuring DJs, go-go dancers, state-of-the-art audio systems, and lighting systems. The main rooms feature different music formats in them to revolutionize music listening.
  • Atomic Saloon Show– the wild west show casts from Wednesday to Sunday with sexy acrobats, comedy, cowboys, and showgirls letting it go at the Spiegelworld’s righteous show.
  • The Gondola Ride-enjoy a ride on a traditional gondola, a replica of the Venetian canals and bridges.

Other shows happening are listed in the events calendar of both The Palazzo and Venetian. They frequently bring infamous acts to entertain at nightclubs and different bars in the resorts.


Venetian Casino
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Two casinos under one roof aren’t something you often see, and at the Venetian resort, you can enjoy both at the Palazzo Tower or Venetian resort. They feature a collective space of 120,000 ft² with all sorts of games, including slots, poker, table games, video poker, roulette, among others.

There are free drinks for players on the casino floor, so more points for that. A sportsbook with a big lounge to bet on your favorite race team and watch your bet win on the massive screens.

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Venetian vs. Palazzo: Which Should You Choose?

Venetian is best suited for a conserved luxury feel with Venice feel, while The Palazzo is for a calmer yet luxurious feel away from the noise and commotion. You have a view and a terrace for the chairman’s suites. Thankfully, both resorts have equitable amenities like the Canyon Ranch Spa, making it easier for you to select one and enjoy your stay in this interconnected hotel haven.

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Venetian and Palazzo are more similar in more ways than one. Both boost the Italian themes with decor to establish their place as the haven of romance in Vegas. The Palazzo is the younger kid on the block, parading a newer and modern look and amenities.

Pools and restaurants put the Venetian resorts on the map as luxury resorts in sin city. Should you need a quick fix massage, the Canyon Ranch Spa has got you. The best you can do is not to miss a visit to this Italian haven in Las Vegas.

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