Venetian vs. Palazzo Las Vegas: Which is Best For You?

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and cannot decide between the Venetian and Palazzo hotels? Both of these luxurious Italian-themed resorts are iconic, offering guests an unforgettable experience.

The Venetian hotel features a rich Venice culture, as seen from its stunning decor to its exquisite dining options. The Palazzo at Venetian on the other hand is an Italian marvel that attracts travelers from all over the world.

It can be a daunting task to choose between the two, but fear not, this guide is here to help you make the right decision. In this article, we will take a closer look at the similarities and differences between these two hotels, and help you find the perfect match for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for romance or luxury, we’ve got you covered! More good news is that regardless of which hotel you choose to stay at, you will still have access to the signature attractions of the other hotel.

Venetian vs. Palazzo: Summary Comparison Table

  Venetian Las Vegas Palazzo Las Vegas
Address 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard 3325 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Owner and Operator Vici Properties Vici Properties
Opening Date May 3rd 1999 December 30th 2007
Theme Venice, Italy – Old Venice Inspired Theme Italian
Number of Rooms 4,049 3,068
Total Gaming Space 120, 000 square feet 105, 000 square feet
Main Attractions 1. Grand Canal Shoppes

2. Gondola Rides

3. Atomic Saloon

4. Minus5 Bar

5. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

1. Shoppes at Palazzo

2. Palazzo Pool Deck

Best restaurants 1. Bouchon

2. Cut by Wolfgang Puck

3. Mott 32

4. Wakuda

5. The X Pot

1. Cut by Wolfgang Puck


3. Buddy V’s Ristorante

4. SushiSamba

Close by attractions 1. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

2. Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

3. Resorts World

4. Tenors of Rock

1. Volcano Show at Mirage

2. Fountains of Bellagio

3. Famous Foods Street Eats

4. Yoga with Dolphins at Mirage

Amenities 1. Over a dozen fine dining restaurants and casual eateries

2. A rooftop pool deck

3. In-suite hot tubs/jacuzzi

4. Cocktail Lounges

5. Resident performers

1. Over a dozen fine dining restaurants and casual eateries

2. A rooftop pool deck

3. In-suite hot tubs/jacuzzi

4. Bars & Clubs

5. Live Shows

Resort Fees (per room, per night) $45 $45
Self- Parking Charges $18 daily $18 daily
Valet Parking Charges $35 daily flat rate

Complimentary for all Grazie Rewards Elite Members & above

$35 daily flat rate

Complimentary for all Grazie Rewards Elite Members & above

History & Backstory of the Venetian Vs. Palazzo

History of Venetian and Palazzo
Source: @venetianvegas

The Venetian and Palazzo hotels have become synonymous with luxury and elegance, drawing in visitors from different walks of life. However, the history of these two hotels tell different stories with a satisfying and enviable ending.

The Venetian was opened in 1999 to the delight of many guests who wanted to see the hotel’s tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Old-world Venice, Italy. The design of the resort was heavily influenced by the Venetian Renaissance era, featuring ornate decor, grand colonnades, and Italian marble flooring.

Iconic features that bring out the Venetian’s roots include:

  • the 25-foot Botticino Italian marble columns at the lobby
  • the hand fitted marble floor inspired by the Church of Santa Maria del Rosario in Venice
  • décor and walls made of the green stone, Verde St. Denis, from Italian Alps
  • Italian hand-painted frescoes on the ceiling at the Grand Colonnade
  • Laura Kimpton’s LOVE art installation that has become a selfie hotspot
  • Baroque inspired murals, and
  • Italian décor covering over 50,000 square foot of the walls and ceilings.

The opening ceremony in May 1999 made the Venetian the most expensive resort to have ever been opened, costing a total of $1.5 billion in construction. It consisted of 3,036 rooms across its 35 stories covering over a 1.7 million square feet property.

A few changes have been made throughout the years including the 2003 addition of the Venezia Tower on the west wing (“the luxurious wing”). Throughout its changes and renovations, the hotel has kept its Venice inspired designs and features.

The Palazzo, or the Palazzo Tower/the Palazzo at the Venetian Resort, is a hotel that was added later on to the Venetian in 2008. This meant that the combined hotels contained more than 7,000 suites, thereby making the Venetian & the Palazzo Las Vegas the biggest hotel in the world.

Not only that, the Palazzo added more recognition to the Venetian. The Palazzo was ranked among the tallest buildings in Nevada, standing at 639.5 feet and 50 stories tall, making Venetian & Palazzo the mammoth hotel to beat.

The Palazzo was designed to complement the Venetian’s luxurious Italian-themed style while adding a more modern Italian touch with less focus on Venice. Also, Palazzo houses the only two-story porte-cochere in Nevada, making it an instant attraction.

Both hotels provide more than three million square feet of meeting and shopping space combined. These areas are also home to over 40 world-class restaurants that serve a wide variety of dishes, including recipes from renowned international chain restaurants and celebrity chefs.

The merging of the Venetian and Palazzo as sister hotels has created a breathtaking oasis, offering a charming and elegant Italian experience, all in the middle of the desert.

With their rich history, exquisite design, and world-class amenities, the Venetian and Palazzo are truly among the most remarkable resorts in the world, but what are their differences.

Key Differences Between Venetian & Palazzo

The two hotels are located in Paradise, Nevada but share different addresses right next to each other. They are both owned by Vici properties and the current operating license holders are Apollo Global Management.

Buildings, Structures, & Décor

Despite being two separate hotels, the Venetian and Palazzo are part of the same complex, connected to one another by the Grand Canal Shoppes where you will also find the Gondola Rides.

The 25-foot Botticino Italian marble columns invite you to the Venetian lobby but the Palazzo lobby has something even more captivating, the “Acqua di Cristallo” art installation.

“Acqua di Cristallo” is the center piece of the Palazzo Lobby, occupying two levels. It was created by Samuel G. Bocchicchio and unveiled in 2008.

The name “Acqua di Cristallo” means “water of crystal” in Italian, which is a fitting description of the installation’s appearance. The sculpture is illuminated from within, creating a beautiful display of light and color that changes throughout the day.

The installation is designed to evoke the feeling of water cascading down from the ceiling, creating a beautiful and mesmerizing display. The glass pieces are arranged in a way that makes them appear to be floating in the air, adding to the sculpture’s ethereal beauty.

The Acqua di Cristallo installation is not only a work of art but also a symbol of the Palazzo’s commitment to sustainability. The installation is designed to conserve water by using recycled water from the hotel’s cooling system to create the water effects in the sculpture.

When it comes to size, the Venetian is slightly larger than the Palazzo, with over 4,000 rooms and suites, while the Palazzo has around 3,000. However, both properties are among the largest hotels in Las Vegas.

Also, both hotels have multiple pools, but the Palazzo has a more expansive pool deck, with several pools spread out over a larger area. The Palazzo also has a more intimate, adults-only pool area called Azure.

Rooms & Suites

The standard rooms and suites in the Venetian and Palazzo are priced roughly the same and feature similar décor, themes, designs, and ambiance. However, if you want a more modern look and improved aesthetics on top of better service, then the newer Palazzo is the place to be.

The Venetian towers over the Palazzo when it comes to variety and luxurious suites. You won’t notice much of a difference between the two when you book their standard options. The only difference when booking standard rooms is that the Palazzo’s are bigger (by about 70 square feet) and that those from the Venetian have more options and luxury.

The Venezia Tower is the west wing world-class luxurious wing of the Venetian. It houses more than 1000 luxurious suites with exclusive amenities like Roman bathtubs, access to the garden courtyard, and convenient wine delivery by Bouchon.

A common theme is the Italian décor frim the rich fabrics to the lavish finishes and ornate furnishings. They also have great views of the desert and the Strip alike depending on the room/suite you book. You can enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and pools at the hotels from any of their accommodations.

While both hotels offer a range of luxurious rooms and suites, the Venetian has more variety in terms of room types, with options such as the Venezia Tower suites, which offer a more exclusive and private experience. The Palazzo, on the other hand, is known for its spacious and elegant standard rooms, which are some of the largest in Las Vegas.

Despite the few differences, the hotels have more similarities including spaciousness, luxury amenities, great views, and Italian-spired décor.

Rooms & Suites at the Venetian include:

  • Luxury King Suite – 650 ft² (1 king-size bed, separate living space, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Luxury Two Queen Suite – 750 ft² (2 queen-size beds, separated living area, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Premium Two Queen Suite – 1,100 ft² (2 queen-size beds, separated living area, sofa sleeper, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Grand King Suite – 1,500 ft² (a master bedroom grand king bed, double door Italian marble foyer, 1.5 baths, powder room)
  • Grand One Bedroom Suite – 1,300 ft² (1 king-size bed, HDTV, full bar, bedroom view, double head shower, and jetted tub)
  • Executive King Suite – 1,800 ft² (1 king-size bed, personal theater/workout room, separated living area, dining area, bar, double shower heads with bench, and jetted tub)
  • Penthouse Suite – 2,600 ft² (2 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, access to Prestige Club Lounge)
  • Presidential Suite – 5,200 ft² (2 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, access to Prestige Club Lounge)
  • Chairman Suite – 8,000/9,000 ft² (4 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, 24-hour butler service)
  • Luxury King Suite (The Venezia Tower) – 650 ft² (1 king-size bed, separate living space, oversized bathroom with Roman bathing tub)
  • Luxury Two Queen Suite (The Venezia Tower)– 700 ft² (2 Queen size beds, separated living space, sofa sleeper, oversized bathroom with Roman bathing tub)

Rooms & Suites at the Palazzo include:

  • Luxury King Suite – 720 ft² (1 king-size bed, separate living space, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Luxury Two Queen Suite – 720 ft² (2 queen size beds, separated living area, Roman bathtub, and an oversized bathroom)
  • Premium King Suite – 940 ft² (1 king-size bed, Italian marble foyer, guaranteed strip/ pool view, glass-enclosed shower with Roman bathing tub)
  • Grand One Bedroom Suite – 1,280 ft² (1 king-size bed or 2 queen size beds, jetted tub with separate glass-enclosed shower, double door entrance, Italian marble foyer, and a 130 ft² Italian marble bathroom)
  • Executive Suites – 1,850 ft² (1 or 2 bedrooms, piano/pool, jetted tub with separate glass-enclosed shower, double door entrance, and Italian marble foyer)
  • Penthouse Suite – 3,204 ft² (2 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, access to Prestige Club Lounge)
  • Presidential Suite – 6,277 ft² (3 or 4 bedrooms, limo ride to/from airport, VIP service, and 24-hour butler service)
  • Chairman Suite – 8,000/9,000 ft² (3 or 4 bedrooms, terrace, steam room and sauna, and a private pool and spa)

Room pricing is another vital determinant when it comes to hotel booking. Fortunately, there is no significant variation in price in both places. Mostly the difference will be less than 20 bucks, with the Palazzo taking the higher bid.


As part of the Venetian and Palazzo policy, guests and players at the hotels have access to the two hotels’ casinos, located very close to one another. If you are someone who likes to casino hop then this is a sweetly convenient venue to visit.

The two casinos have a lot more in common than they do differences. They both have high-limit slot salons, a good number of poker rooms, high-limits table salon, electronic table games, over 200 regular table games (Baccarat, blackjack, Roulette, etc.), slots, and video poker machines.

Both also have the Race & Sports Book by William Hill with high limits and comfy seats. However, the Sportsbook at the Venetian is bigger covering nearly 10,000 square feet and able to sit over 100 guests. The one at the Palazzo is a full-service William Sports Book betting kiosk for those looking for a quick wager.

The Venetian casino is about 20,000 square foot larger than the Palazzo and also tends to be busier with more crowds and commotions than Palazzo’s. However, the less busy Palazzo doesn’t standout for its calm nature either since guests can move back and forth between the two easily.

With that said, you won’t lack any fun in any of the two casinos. Only opt for the Venetian if you are looking for a bigger & comfier sportsbook, a larger crowd, or a louder ambiance.


There are over 35 restaurants in the Venetian & Palazzo Las Vegas including several upscale fine dining restaurants run by James Beard Award-Winning Chefs.

Best dining options in the Venetian & Palazzo are:

  • Bouchon – French cuisine by Thomas Keller, also features Bouchon Bakery for Parisian pastries
  • CAPRI Pool Restaurant & Bar – elevated coastal cuisine overlooking the Palazzo pool deck. Exclusive to the Venetian Resort.
  • The X Pot – Offers a diverse American and Asian menu that is complimented by stunning interactive light shows, thematic soundscapes, and 360 projections on the walls.
  • Wakuda – Chef Wakuda brings you striking interiors with signature feasts including Wakuda’s omakase and Izakaya.
  • Spiritz Restaurant & Bar – at the Venetian pool deck serving Avocado toast and other quick bites.
  • Estiatorio Milos – serves authentic Greek food.
  • Grand Lux Café at the Venetian – serves American breakfasts, dinner, late night, and casual dishes. Open 24/7
  • Miznon – serves a great combo of Israeli and Mediterranean dishes including Vegetarian and Vegan options.
  • Matteo’s Ristorante Italiano – one of the top Italian restaurants in Vegas serving Chef Angelo Auriana’s dynamic menu.
  • Flight Club Social Darts – play Social Darts while feasting on quick bites from beef tacos to chicken sausage flatbreads.
  • LAVO Italian Restaurant – with a breathtaking outdoor terrace and Italian cuisines.
  • Zeppola Café – serves Italian full-service restaurant dishes as well as Italian bakery items.
  • Truth & Tonic Wellness Café – the very first fully Vegan restaurant you will find on the Vegas Strip.
  • Trattoria Reggiano – serves classic Italian trattoria and other authentic Italian specialties.
  • Villa AzurA Mediterranean paradise with upscale European elegance and tasty French dishes.
  • Hong Kong Café – casual and full Asian dishes at their best with late night meals.
  • Grimaldi’s Pizzeria – Italian cuisine in a warm and intimate setting, perfect for casual dining.
  • SUGARCANE Raw Bar Grill – brasserie-style restaurant with sushi, small plates, and open fire-grilled fare
  • SUSHISAMBA – seafood platters with Asian fusion casual dinners and lunches. Open till late at night.
  • PrimeBurger – all about gourmet breakfast, steaks, and sandwiches.
  • Mercato della Pescheria – specializes in seafood platters and Italian cuisines.
  • Delmonico Steakhouse another world-class steakhouse with high-end cuts and fine dining options including rare wines.
  • Smith & Wollensky – An American steakhouse with amazing Wagyu tenderloin, whole roasted Porterhouse, and filet sliders.
  • Canyon Ranch Grill – A casual dining American restaurant for classic weekend brunches and egg-filled breakfasts.
  • Rockhouse – $5 cocktails and beer during Happy Hour and sports joint food including chicken sandwichses and wings.
  • Noodle Asia – Many flavorful noodle dishes and other offerings including dumplings, fried rice, and dim sum.
  • Buddy V’s Ristorante – casual Italian dining with large portions and impressive dessert selection
  • Canaletto – Italian cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Try their exciting Happy Hour offerings.
  • Casanova – A globally renown restaurant with award-winning Italian cuisines.
  • Cañonita – traditional Mexican favorites with a diverse menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Cut – upscale steakhouse by Wolfgang Puck with dry-aged steaks and extensive wine list
  • TAO Asian Bistro – combines Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisine, popular for fine dining and nightlife spot for celebrities
  • Mott 32 Modern Hong Kong cuisine, including regional and rustic dishes using the finest ingredients.
  • YardbirdClassic Southern cooking with farm-fresh ingredients, such as chicken biscuits and watermelon waffles.
  • CHICA -Latin fusion cuisine with influences from Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and other Latin American countries.
  • BRERA osteria -Honoring Italy with homemade pastas, wood oven-baked breads, and dry-aged ribeye.
  • Grand Lux Café at the Palazzo – serves American breakfasts, dinner, late night, and casual dishes. Open 24/7

Nightlife & Entertainment

Tao Nightclub
Source: @taolasvegas

Let’s dive into the shared fun zones since you can enjoy any of the entertainment options in Venetian & Palazzo regardless of where you stay.

The nightlife at the hotels is best described by the Electra Cocktail Club, Rosina Cocktail Lounge, The Dorsey Cocktail Bar, Bar Luca, Bellin Bar, and the Cocktail Collective. The Cocktail Collective is a collection of the hotels’ best cocktail hotspots (Dorsey, Rosina, and Electra), bringing you the most sensory cocktails.

If you are in for a show then the Atomic Saloon Show is a great place to start. Its stunning acrobatics and funny streaks make it a great show to watch past 8 pm at the Venetian Theatre. The Tao Nightclub is the party place to be, accessible from the Palazzo Tower and a hotspot for celebrities in Vegas.

Do not forget the beloved Foreigner show at the Venetian. Six the Musical is also a popular option for groups of all ages.

Swimming Pools

Both the Palazzo and Venetian have exquisite and quite admirable pool options for their guests. They offer a variety of day beds, cabanas, and pool chairs where you can relax stress-free in the sun as the afternoon sails on.

All pools are heated to give you a warm swimming environment all year round, whether winter or summer. Also, some of the pools have plunge pools to have you fully relaxed.

The Venetian Pool Deck

The Venetian Pool Map
The Venetian Pool Map

It’s one of the resorts’ biggest pools. You will see four pools, 3 of which are infinity, a splash pad, pool ledge loungers, and daybeds. More pool chairs are available in the pool for that marinated sun basking your body needs.

The Canyon Ranch spa is close for a relaxing massage session near the pool action. They offer over 90 treatment rooms offering over 150 services. You can opt for a massage, leg rub, sauna session, hot stone treatment, among others. It’s one of the largest day spas spanning over 130,000 ft².

Cabana and daybed at the Venetian:

Venetian cabana – can fit up to 12 people. The cabana is 310-788 square feet, with a refrigerator, air conditioning, safe and storage, towel service, and bar. A cabana attendant to attend to your needs. You also have WIFI service, charging stations, and HDTV at each cabana.

Venetian daybed – offering shade, comfort, and privacy. Pool one daybeds offer deck service, and the ones in pool two are special golden island daybeds. They give maximum comfort and luxury for patrons enjoying the pool experience.

Venetian cabana & plunge – 1200-1400 ft² cabana can hold up to 12 persons. They come equipped with an air conditioning system, misters, refrigerator, safe and storage, and full bar. The sofas come with charging ports and towel service for extra convenience.

The Palazzo Pool Deck

The Palazzo Pool Deck

Palazzo offers cold waters to enjoy a hot afternoon sipping something rich. The luxurious pool deck offers cabanas with foot water pools for maximum and comfortable summer soak. The swimming areas serve guests and non-guests, which is a plus, especially if you are not staying at the resort.

Palazzo cabanas can fit up to 12 people, spanning 180 ft² enough to party and bask in the sun. The cabana comes equipped with an ac system, a full bar, Wi-Fi, a cabana fan, and a host to attend to you.

Spa & Gandolas

The Gondolas span across the two hotels between the towers. They are a true depiction of the 1,000 + year old means of enjoyment and transportation with authentic designs and operations. You will find several Gondolas right at the casino entrance of the Palazzo next to a section where you can learn of their history and antiquity.

The Canyon Ranch Spa + fitness at the Palazzo stands out as the best wellness and relaxation center in the two hotels. Located on the fourth floor of the Palazzo tower, the spa features 134,000 square feet of space and includes a variety of amenities such as saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, and experiential showers.

In addition to the traditional spa services, the Canyon Ranch Spa offers a range of wellness programs and classes, including yoga, Pilates, meditation, and nutrition counseling. One of the unique features of the Canyon Ranch Spa is the outdoor co-ed Aquatic Club, which offers stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip and provides a relaxing oasis for guests to lounge, swim, and enjoy healthy bites and refreshing drinks.

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Conclusion: Which Should You Choose?

The Venetian and Palazzo are similar in many ways. They also share many resources which makes it easier to choose one or the other without worrying of what amenities you might not access.

However, the Venetian stands out above the Palazzo for having a richer, more luxurious ambiance, with unique offerings, an older history, and a more dominating presence.

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