Wicked Spoon Buffet 2023: Menu, Hours, Prices

Las Vegas bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world, but aside from the casinos, shows, nightclubs and bars, it’s also a foodie’s dream.

There are so many great dining options in Vegas, and for many, taking in a buffet is a quintessential part of the Vegas experience.

Wicked Spoon is among the very best in town, so in this post, we bring you all the information and details you need about visiting this Las Vegas institution.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Overview

Once upon a time, Vegas was a city of buffets, and in pre-covid times, there were up to around 70 of them, all vying for your custom and trying to entice you onto the casino floors of the resorts where they were located.

Back then, there were options to suit all tastes and depths of pocket – but Wicked Spoon was always one of a handful of top-tier buffets that catered to the kind of discerning diners who wanted the very best available and didn’t mind paying a little extra to get it.

Opening daily for brunch and dinner sittings, this high-end buffet specialized in a mix of classic dishes prepared to the highest standards and more innovative culinary creations designed to tempt those of a more adventurous gastronomic bent.

This was all set against the backdrop of sumptuous contemporary décor that matched the chic and classy style of the rest of the Cosmopolitan Resort, providing an overall experience to savor as well as being somewhere to enjoy irresistibly delicious food.

But that was before the virus came along and messed things up. From 2020, Las Vegas’ buffets – including Wicked Spoon – were forced to close, and many of them never reopened.

The good news, though, is that Wicked Spoon is one of those that sprung back up as soon as it was possible, and although it is still operating on reduced hours, now you have the opportunity once again to sample the delights of one of Sin City’s most exciting and exquisite buffets.

The Wicked Spoon Buffet Current Situation

Wicked Spoon, Cosmopolitan 2
Source: @kayinnj

As covid restrictions have been lifted, some of Vegas’ buffets have managed to reopen, and among those leading the way is Wicked Spoon.

However, the opening hours are currently a bit different from what they used to be. Now, you can only eat breakfast or lunch on weekdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays, the only option is brunch.

The buffet has also brought in certain health measures to combat the spread of covid – including social distancing while you wait to be seated – in an attempt to keep everybody as safe as possible.

Despite the enforced limitations of the post-pandemic era, all sittings still boast a wide range of enticing dishes – and there are still just as many unique and creative options available that have become the calling card of this popular buffet.

The restaurant also still features the opulent modern décor and chic ambiance it always had, so really, apart from the fact that there’s currently no dinner sitting, it’s almost as though Wicked Spoon never really left.

The Food

Wicked Spoon Buffet Food 3
Source: @cimystory

At Wicked Spoon, as luxurious as the surroundings are, the star of the show has always been the food.

Instead of attempting to match the extensive range of the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace – because nowhere can match the sheer quantity of food options there – Wicked Spoon focuses on quality and originality.

For breakfast, lunch and brunch, there are currently seven different main food stations, with the food available at each varying according to the sitting. They are:

  • The Cold Bar
  • The International Station
  • The Grill Station
  • The Breakfast Bar
  • The Brunch Bar
  • The Asian Station
  • The Dessert Bar

In each of these different sections, you can expect to find all your favorite classic dishes along with a lineup of more unexpected preparations that make eating at Wicked Spoon the unique and unmissable experience that it is.

Some Dishes to Look Out For

Although you probably won’t be able to sample everything on offer at the Wicked Spoon buffet, there are plenty of food items you should make a point of seeking out, and here are a few suggestions:

Breakfast Sitting

  • Cold bar

From the Cold Bar, look out for the smoked salmon with capers, onions, whipped cream and cheese served on a range of assorted bagels. Also, don’t miss the banh mi salad, a mix of cilantro vinaigrette, carrots, daikon and pork lardons inspired by Vietnamese street baguettes.

  • International Station

At the International Station, the carnitas tacos served with salsa roja and pickled vegetables are hard to beat – although the beef and lamb gyro with tzatziki and Mediterranean salad also shouldn’t be missed.

The Wicked Frittata with seasonal vegetables and cheddar cheese is also a house specialty.

  • Grill station

Dedicated carnivores will want to head straight to the Grill Station where you can find a range of sausages and other delicious meat options to make the mouth water.

Wicked Spoon Buffet Grill station
Source: @_erineats

Don’t pass up on the chance to try the bone marrow with short rib, pickled onions and lemon gremolata, another Wicked Spoon delicacy, and there’s also the Angry Mac and Cheese to look forward to, a spicy grown-up version of the beloved children’s classic.

  • Breakfast and Brunch Stations

The Breakfast and Brunch Stations are both available during the breakfast sitting, and serve up such delights as applewood smoked bacon, scrambled eggs with crème fraîche or traditional eggs benedict.

Alternatively, those with a sweet tooth can opt for buttermilk pancakes – and another more unusual option is the Wicked Breakfast Pizza with maple hollandaise.

  • Asian Station

The Asian Station offers classics such as dim sum along with dishes such as lap cheong fried rice with Chinese black vinegar or Hokkien udon noodles with shaved cucumber.

  • Dessert Station
Wicked Spoon Buffet Dessert Station
Source: @pattykayee

If all that wasn’t enough, you can even follow your breakfast with sweet treats such as crème brulée or a warm bourbon white chocolate bread pudding.

Lunch Sitting

  • Cold bar

Additional options that aren’t available for breakfast include clam chowder with fried herbs and shrimp cocktail.

  • International Station

During the lunch sitting, you’ll find samosas with mango chutney in place of the Wicked Frittata.

  • Grill station

Along with the bone marrow and the Angry Mac and Cheese, you can also try the kalbi chicken skewers, the slow-roasted prime rib or the roasted root vegetables with celery root puree and chili oil reduction, among others.

  • Breakfast and Brunch Stations

The Brunch menu has several different options to choose from during the lunch sitting, including shrimp grits with Cajun butter sauce, soppressata pizza with Calabrian chili pesto and salmon with sesame dressing and Asian slaw.

  • Asian Station

Lunchtime additions to the Asian Station include steamed crab legs with drawn butter, duck wings with soy caramel glaze and Mapo Tofu Frito Pie.

  • Dessert Station

The dessert options are the same for both breakfast and lunch sittings.

Brunch Sitting

For the weekend brunch sitting, you can expect to find all the best dishes that are served during both the breakfast and lunch sittings during the week.

Bear in mind too that the dishes being prepared at any one time may vary according to the season, so as well as everything mentioned above, you can also expect to find other surprises being cooked up whenever you visit.

Drinks Menu

A bottomless beverages deal that includes mimosas, champagne, bloody marys and Modelo draft is available. If you choose not to take advantage of the bottomless beverages, you can order drinks by the glass.

There’s a range of American and international beers to choose from as well as cocktails like the Kahlua-based South of the Border, an Irish coffee with Bailey’s called Kiss Me, I’m Irish and a margarita named Age of Aquarius.

There are also several red, white and sparkling wines available.

Furthermore, juices, sodas, teas and coffees (excluding lattes, cappuccinos and espressos) are included in the price of the buffet.

Opening Hours & Prices

The opening hours and prices for various sittings are as follows: 

Mon-Fri breakfast: 8am-11am $38 adults/$19 children (5-10 years old)
Mon-Fri lunch: 11am-3pm $45 adults/$22.50 children (5-10 years old)
Sat/Sun brunch: 9am-4pm $49 adults/$24 children (5-10 years old)

Children below 5 years old eat for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Bottomless alcoholic beverages $24 per person

Bottomless beverages are available for two hours from the time of purchase.

Reservations and Wait Times

Currently, Wicked Spoon does not accept reservations and is operating a walk-in only policy. However, reservations for groups of over 20 people is possible – to reserve for a group, you should contact the resort directly.

Wait time varies, but you may have to stand in line for up to an hour – or even more during peak times. The best option is simply to be flexible and go at a time when there are fewer people.

The busiest time is around midday, so for breakfast, the closer to 9am you arrive, the less time you’ll have to wait. For lunch, waiting until closer to 3pm will see shorter lines, but don’t arrive too late or you won’t have enough time to make the most of the buffet before it closes.

Address and contact details

  • Address: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV  89109 – Level 2, The Chelsea Tower
  • Phone: 877.893.2001

Access and Parking

The Cosmopolitan has a self-parking garage beneath the resort that can be accessed via the main entrance on the south side of the hotel from Harmon Avenue or from the north side of the hotel from Las Vegas Boulevard.

Dress code

There is no dress code for Wicked Spoon so you can wear what you like – within reason. However, if you don’t want to risk being turned away at the door, don’t turn up in pajamas or any particularly outrageous clothing – use common sense!

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Comfortably Among the Very Best Buffets Vegas Has to Offer

Although Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan Resort is a high-end buffet, it still represents great value for money.

For the quality, originality and beautiful presentation of the food, the prices are extremely reasonable, so if you want to splash out on a buffet just one time while you’re in Vegas, there’s a strong argument that this is the one to choose.

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