Wynn Buffet Las Vegas: Reservations, Menu, Hours & Prices

Ever popular and one of the first buffets to reopen after the closures enforced by the covid pandemic, The Buffet at Wynn is leading the charge to get Vegas’ iconic buffets up and running again.

This was always one of the top up-market all-you-can-eat options in town, and in this post, we have all the details you need about the Wynn buffet and what to expect when you go there.

The Buffet at Wynn Overview and a Bit of Background

In the past, Las Vegas was a city of buffets, and eating in one was considered an integral part of the Vegas experience.

At one time there were as many as 70 to choose from, which meant you would never have trouble finding one to match your tastes or your budget.

That was before the pandemic struck, however, and from March 2020, all non-essential businesses in Vegas were forced to close due to covid.

The Buffet at Wynn was among the first to reopen in June 2020, offering table service and limited hours, but it was then forced to close again in September of that year.

Fast forward to July 2021 and Wynn was once again among the pioneers, opening its doors as soon as it became feasible.

This means that while many of the Vegas buffets that closed never reopened and have been lost forever, places like The Buffet at Wynn and a few others are open for business, so visitors to Sin City can still experience an indulgent Las Vegas buffet just like before the pandemic hit.

Wynn Buffet Current Situation

Wynn Buffet Current Situation
Source: @wynnlasvegas
  • Address: Wynn and Encore Las Vegas, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109
  • Phone: 702-770-3340

The Buffet at Wynn is currently operating on limited hours, although presumably, in time, they are aiming to get back to full opening like in pre-covid times.

At the moment, there are breakfast, brunch and dinner sittings on Mondays and Thursdays only. From Friday to Sunday, they offer a Gourmet Brunch sitting and a Gourmet Dinner sitting. This means the buffet doesn’t open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

During the extended closure due to covid, the management took the opportunity to make a few tweaks – although they didn’t go for a comprehensive redesign in the way the Bacchanal did over in Caesars Palace.

For example, the entrance to the buffet has been given a makeover and now features eight live royal palms that were brought in specially from Florida.

Generally speaking, the food on offer now tends towards individual dish servings rather than self-serve troughs of food, making up around 40% of the food served here.

However, according to the management, this is not just a response to the covid pandemic – rather, it reflects the general trend in high-end Vegas buffets in general. In other words, when you pay to go to somewhere as upmarket as Wynn, this is the kind of thing you’d expect.

The buffet currently boasts 16 live-action food kitchens and prepares around 90 dishes.

With the reopening, the buffet has made an effort to provide a more diverse and innovative range of dishes from various parts of the world – such as South Asia or the South Pacific – and vegetarians and vegans are now also particularly well catered for.

The Wynn Buffet Menu – Different Dishes at Different Times

It’s difficult to give a complete list of everything that’s on offer at the Wynn buffet since dishes are constantly changing, with new creations appearing all the time.

However, chef Jason Duarte and his team try to strike a balance between fresh and original dishes alongside all the classics you look forward to enjoying when you go to any high-end buffet.

During breakfast and brunch sittings, the food on offer is more suited to those times of day, but for later sittings, a slightly wider range of dinner dishes also becomes available.

For example, the breakfast and brunch pancakes are replaced by latkes during the dinner sitting, and the Latin section changes to Italian later in the day.

That said, you can be sure that at whatever time you choose to visit, you’re sure to find more than enough choice to satisfy your desire for just about any type of food imaginable – so let’s look at this in a bit more detail now.

What Dishes to Look Out For?

The all-new Buffet at Wynn attempts to combine plenty of classics and old favorites with a range of more original and creative options. Here are a few to look out for.

  • Eggs Benedict station and other breakfast items

One of the most impressive additions is the new eggs Benedict station – and it offers far more than just a simple take on this well-known breakfast and brunch dish.

Of course, the classic eggs Benedict they serve is exceptional, but for something a bit more special, you can try the lobster Benedict, the smoked salmon lox Benedict or eggs Benedict on corn fritters.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, you’ll be spoiled for choice too. For example, you can treat yourself to luxurious Belgian waffles with cinnamon or brioche French toast with white chocolate and crème anglaise. There’s also an extensive selection of patisseries.

  • Mexican and Latin station

There’s a Mexican station where you can find delights such as pork tamales, cheese tamales, carne asada, chicken mole, Mexican street corn and chorizo with eggs.

Another of the highlights that will appeal to the more culinarily inquisitive is the intriguing bloody Mary ceviche.

  • Barbecue and carvery
Wynn Buffet BBQ
Source: @sigonggan_foodie

For dedicated meat-eaters, the barbecue and carvery section will be a big hit. Head there for choice cuts of meat including strip loin, pork belly, dry-rubbed rotisserie chicken, roasted turkey, barbecue beef or pork ribs and a wide range of sausages.

  • Seafood

If you go in for breakfast or brunch, you can expect to find tasty fish and seafood morsels like lox bagels or shrimp cocktail.

Later on in the day, the staff start to bring out more elaborate dishes like mussels, Jonah crab, king crab, opilio crab legs and fresh oysters in the shell.

  • Asian

The Asian section includes traditional favorites such as rice congee and a wide dim sum selection, and there’s also plenty of beautifully prepared sushi to try. Also worth looking out for are popular items such as Thai chicken wings.

  • Italian and pizza
Wynn Buffet Italian and pizza
Source: @sigonggan_foodie

Especially during dinner sittings, you’ll be able to choose from some delicious Italian creations, including established favorites and some more original takes.

Look out for lasagna alla Bolognese, grandma’s baked meatballs and potato gnocchi with littleneck clams to name just a few.

The Italian section specializes in food from the south of the country, and this is seen in irresistible dishes like rock shrimp penne with alfredo sauce and sun-dried tomatoes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper buffet without pizza, and there are several options if you’re craving a slice or two – although our advice would be to go easy on the pizza or you won’t have enough space to sample everything else that’s on offer.

  • Pancake station, crêpes, ice creams and desserts

The new pancake station is already proving a big hit, allowing diners to build their own versions. Choose from buttermilk pancakes with toppings like red velvet chocolate chip, strawberry shortcake or blueberries – or just a mix of all of them if you prefer.

You can also order crêpes with fillings like banana and Nutella or peach, strawberry or mixed berry compote. Other desserts to look out for include caramel churros and chocolate lava cake.

Opening Hours and Prices

The opening hours and prices for the various sittings are as follows: 

Mon & Thu   Breakfast 8am-9am $38.99
Mon & Thu   Brunch 9am-3pm $45.99
Mon & Thu   Dinner 3pm-9pm $64.99
Fri-Sun Gourmet Brunch 8am-3pm $49.99
Fri-Sun Gourmet Dinner 3pm-9pm $69.99

Note: Children aged three to nine can eat for half price, ten and above pay full price. Kids two and under eat for free.

Prices can change during holiday periods.

Endless Pours package $27.99 per person:

The Endless Pours package includes limitless pours of select cocktails, mimosas, wines, and beers.

If you choose not to take advantage of the endless pours offer, non-alcoholic drinks other than espressos are included in the price.

Reservations and Wait Times

The Wynn Buffet doesn’t accept reservations. However, there is a system of pre-paid priority seating that secures you a spot in the line and usually sees you seated within half an hour. Maximum group size for priority seating is six.

Priority seating can be booked by following the relevant links on the Wynn official website.

Walk-ins are accepted, but during peak times, you may have to wait a long time to be seated.

Since the reopening, Wynn offers the possibility to pay in advance or to pay at the table rather than waiting in line to pay when you leave.

This is designed not only to make the buffet safer in post-covid times but also to make the overall experience smoother and more hassle-free.


Parking and valet parking are available at the resort.

Dress code

The dress code is stated as “resort casual” and specifies that tank tops and swimwear are not permitted.

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It might not be the biggest buffet in Vegas, and it might not have the widest range of dishes to choose from, but despite the relatively steep price, The Buffet at Wynn is still an excellent choice thanks to the exceptional quality and beautiful presentation of everything on offer.

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